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Jo is attempting to get answers about the man who broke into her house by tapping into the airband radio. 

Alex, who is still living in her house, offers to run the recording through pattern recognition software. 

The exes have a chat about living separately again, and when Mia, their daughter, comments about how nice it is to have both of them around, they agree it's best Alex moves back home. 

But when Piper comes down with an illness, Jo asks Alex to watch her for a "sick day" while she continues snooping around for answers. 

Alex agrees and while the two of them are hanging out, Piper cracks the code on the airband radio.

DR5ZBZ3U is the code though neither of them knows what it means just yet. 

Piper continues to have very vivid hallucinations that the world is crumbling around her and ends up collapsing at the convenience store. 

Jo visits the man in the hospital and learns that his name is Ken Lerner. 

Ken says he was ordered to retrieve some technology for Richard Kindred, head of Augur Industries, a Fortune 500 Tech Company. 

He says Kindred told him not to worry about Piper because "the problem would take care of itself."

And sure enough, it was. 

Piper's sickness wasn't a cold or flu -- she was shutting down. 

Jo confronted Benny about his investigation into Kindred. He wasn't involved in this report on accident. 

Benny confesses admitting that he knows Kindred has been using "test subjects" and he believes Piper's abilities are a testament to his scientific findings. 

Jo pays Kindred a little visit and confronts him. 

She notices a woman there that looks like she wants to say something. 

Later, in the hospital, as Piper's prognosis worsens, Jo gets a mysterious text message from someone suggesting to give Piper copper. 

The copper heals her temporarily, but soon she begins to worsen. 

Jo visits Emily, but she denies sending any text messages. 

She shows her phone to Jo and tells them that "they're watching."

They agree to meet at a later time at an off-site facility for Augur. 

Emily hacks the system and breaks them in allowing them five minutes to grab Piper's "cure."

Inside, Jo and Benny fend of robot dogs. 

Once they get the cure, Emily tells Jo to insert an exabyte disk into Piper's left forearm which will give her the necessary software update. 

Jo is confused as Emily confirms that Piper is a robot. 

She explains that the disk is "Piper."

Jo refuses initially but seeing as nothing is working she gives it a shot and is stunned to see the disk latch onto Piper's arm and activate her. 

After a quick update, Piper wakes up good as new. 

Jo begins to worry about Piper and her family. 

Meanwhile, Kindred's people hack into Lerner's morphine machine and kill him. 

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Benny: Why won't you let me talk to the girl? She's different, isn't she? She can do things other people can't do, things she shouldn't be able to do. Augur Industries have started investing in very expensive medical research. And that's what I'd started to hear about -- rumors that Kindred had begun a division using humans as test subjects.
Jo: What kind of tests?
Benny: Ones that might allow a young girl to miraculously survive a plane crash, a plane that I believe belonged to Kindred.

Suspect: You can't do this. You're going to get me killed.
Jo: No, you're going to get yourself killed.