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The nominations for the ASA awards come down from all over the country, with Jamal receiving several nominations and Hakeem getting bested by Freda Gatz. 

Lucious interrupts a private moment between Jamal and Skye and concludes that Jamal has been "fixed". He later tells Jameson at Jamal's Pepsi commercial launch, that Jamal and Skye are a couple. 

Cookie goes back to her old prison and gets Hakeem and Laura to perform there on Family Day. 

Lucious vows to do whatever it takes to get Swift Stream, even going as far to leverage Empire. He thinks he has Mimi on board, until she reveals that her wife is Hakeem's old girlfriend Camilla. It turns out Mimi secretly taped a conversation with Lucious in which he vowed to get rid of board members. She uses the tape to call for Lucious's firing as the CEO of Empire. 

Lucious thinks he will be able to secure enough votes by having his sons and Cookie vote, but Hakeem votes against the family and Lucious is voted out. 

With Lucious spiraling, Cookie is able to calm him down and they watch the last ASA nomination, which sees Jamal and Lucious pitted against one another in the song of the year category. 

A masked intruder breaks into Rhonda's house, setting of the alarm. After she disarms it, the intruder pushes her down the stairs. 

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Empire Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Hakeem may have won that little battle, but Freda is clearly winning the war.

Lucious [to Cookie]

Lucious: Are you hitting that?
Jamal: Look, I'm still gay, alright? So don't get weird.
Lucious: She fixed you. Yeah.