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Freda releases a song that takes shots at Hakeem. He responds by challenging her to a rap battle. 

Jamal has the chance to get a Pepsi ad and he must come up with a great song to be the one chosen. He continues working with Cookie, but Lucious also comes up with a song for him to use. Jamal decides to combine the two songs and bring his parents together to help him, but the two of them can't put aside their differences. In the end, Jamal does combine the songs and is chosen by Pepsi.

Anika discovers she's pregnant and attempts to tell Hakeem, but doesn't after he tells her he's in love with someone else. 

Lucious needs Mimi's helps to close the Swift Stream deal, after the price of the merger is increased. Lucious gets increasingly frustrated with the merger and Mimi's attitude, but the deal does eventually go through.

At the rap battle, Hakeem takes some advice from Jamal and not only raps, but turns the battle into a performance. He proclaims that he is no longer using the Lyon last name before being crowned the winner. 

While celebrating Hakeem's victory, Cookie's sister Candace shows up to tell her that Carole is on a bender. 

Hakeem sends Laura home from the club in a car, but unbeknownst to him the driver is Anika in disguise.

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Empire Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Jamal: I think it's perfect, Mom. I love working with you.
Cookie: Yeah, I know you do, cause you can feel when it's real. It's only a matter of time before you come on back home with us.

Freda Gatz is a animal. Now I'm not taking anything away from your talent baby, but that is not what you do.

Cookie [to Hakeem]