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Eddie officially unseated Cookie and Lucious from the throne, and Anika and him grinned like cartoon characters. 

Cookie and Lucious scrambled before deciding they needed to go to everyone they knew to rustle up the cash to win the war. 

The trouble was, Eddie already got to everyone, and it was down to Andre to save everyone. Andre lied that he was working with Eddie, but he secretly stole figures to get the company back. 

It turned out Eddie baited him into doing it, and Andre then dropped the paywall in retaliation to allow the money to flood in and send the price of the shares flying high. 

The Lyons won the war, but Eddie and Giselle showed up at the Lyon home in the final moments and revealed that they had proof Shine was murdered. 

They promised to keep quiet if Lucious stepped back from Empire and let the sale go ahead. 

Will they do it?

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