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Cookie moved back into the mansion and Claudia tried to get rid of her. 

Leah tried to drown Lucious before telling Cookie she killed Tariq. Cookie then orchestrates a plan to get Leah put in the hospital and this did not go down well. 

Cookie reluctantly got Anika out of prison. 

Lucious ran off from Claudia to meet Uncle Eddie and found out he was a bad person in the past. Claudia then tried to leave him when she learned that he did not trust her. 

Lucious talked her round and said she was the only person he trusted. 

Anika returned home to find Tiana holding baby Bella, and not letting her near her. 

Becky went behind Jamal's back when he tried to mess up a business deal that could save Empire. 

She put Tory's vocals in a track and sent it off. Cookie liked her decision and promoted her. 

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Empire Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Anika: I see you got my message.
Cookie: Of course I did, James Bond.

Cookie: That's right, fellas, take it all to the West Wing.
Claudia: Cookie, what's going on? It's eleven o'clock at night.
Cookie: Oh, I know what time it is, sweetie. I'm moving back in, like I shoulda did when he came home from the hospital. See, this is my home.