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Did Leah manage to make Lucious think he was a horrible person?

That was her plan on Empire Season 4 Episode 2 when she tried to get Lucious to follow her orders, but another family member had other ideas. 

Meanwhile, Cookie worried about the shifting dynamic in her relationship with Lucious when it became apparent that Claudia was up to something. 

Also, Hakeem and Tiana grew closer with Anika behind bars. 

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Get caught up on the latest drama for the Lyon family. 

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Empire Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Anika: I see you got my message.
Cookie: Of course I did, James Bond.

Cookie: That's right, fellas, take it all to the West Wing.
Claudia: Cookie, what's going on? It's eleven o'clock at night.
Cookie: Oh, I know what time it is, sweetie. I'm moving back in, like I shoulda did when he came home from the hospital. See, this is my home.