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Andre learns that he has Stage IV cancer and that he has a few months to live. He tells Teri and says that he wants her to be provided for in the aftermath. 

He tries to dump her but she promises she will be with him until the bitter end. 

Thirsty was strongarmed into revealing his friendship with Damon Cross to the FBI and in flashbacks, we learned that he stopped working for Lucious due to a lack of resources. 

Damon met him out of the meeting and held a gun to his girlfriend's head, saying that he better have stayed quiet about everything. 

Elsewhere, Lucious and Cookie tried to get Giselle to agree to allow Jamal and Hakeem to go on tour with the aim of bringing the firm back from the brink. 

Giselle thinks it would be better for the entire firm to be part of it, so they agree to do a free tour to bring Trust back to everyone. 

Cookie is also offered a chat show and sets out to make some changes in her life. 

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Empire Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Woman: Damon, what are you looking at?
Damon: Our future.

You're doing a lot of this. You need to do THIS.