A New Business Venture - Euphoria
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Jules tries to find out more about Elliot because she's worried that he wants to get together with Rue.

She asks him about his sexuality and who he's slept with.

They go back and forth and ultimately Elliot says he finds Jules attractive.

We learn in flashbacks that Cal had a thing for Derek, his best friend.

The morning after they have sex for the first time, Marsha tells him she is pregnant with a child.

In the present, Cal is on the warpath, trying to find out more about what is happening with the tape.

Fez tells him that they don't have the tape and that Nate is playing him.

Rue goes to the drug dealer from the premiere and asks for drugs to start a business.

She takes $10,000 worth, but will owe $14,000 back.

She goes to Ali and criticizes his parenting.

Cassie tries to get closer to Nate, but he ignores her, so she dresses up as Maddy and he takes notice.

In the end, Nate ditches Cassie to get back together with Maddy, confusing Cassie.

Lexi sets out on a mission to bring a play with everyone back to the school, but it threatens to cause problems.

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Euphoria Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Elliot: Did I get you in trouble?
Rue: Kinda.
Elliot: I feel like we should do drugs.

Custer: Get in the fucking vent.
Faye: I don't want to.
Police: Open up. We know you're in there.
Custer: Get in the fucking vent. I love you.