Rue and Elliot - Euphoria
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Nate is in the hospital and starts to see visions of a future with Cassie that involves him having a child.

His life flashes before his eyes.

Weeks pass and his parents are concerned, trying to find out who would do such a thing.

Cal goes to Cassie and gaslights her into telling him who it was. She tells him it was Fez.

Lexi is mad and goes off to see Fez,  but is shocked to find Faye there.

Fez says they are not an item and that she's just staying there.

Faye attacked the motel manager and the police are after her.

Cal arrives at the store with a gun but doesn't do anything. He buys gum and leaves.

Cal confronts Nate, who lies that Rue, Jules, and Fez have the video and are threatening to go to the police.

Cal tries to defend his actions, but knows he's caught.

Maddy has the video.

Nate continues to see Cassie, ultimately telling her that they can't see each other anymore. She rushes away from him. He catches up with her and they have sex.

Maddy is conflicted about what to do about Nate.

Kat imagines Ethan getting murdered and having sex with his murderer. She is delusional about their relationship.

Jules starts to grow jealous of Elliot and Rue.

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Euphoria Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Maddy: I feel like I would look so sexy pregnant.
Kat: Maddy, please do not get pregnant.
Maddy: I wouldn't wear any of those nasty maternity clothes. I would just be me, plus pregnant.
BB: Remember when I got pregnant?
Maddy: Yes, and it would be nothing like that.
BB: Well, speaking of baby daddies, I seen the photo that Ethan posted to you. It's cute as fuck.
Maddy: Yeah, Kat, stop flaunting your healthy, non-abusive, wonderful relationship. It's actually triggering.
Kat: Yeah, he's, uhm, really sweet.

She liked the kid she babysat for, but what she loved the most was...