Fate Catches Up - Euphoria
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Rue is desperately looking for drugs in the house, and finds herself in trouble.

Her mom tells her she flushed the drugs after Jules says she is in the house.

This does not sit well with Rue, who lashes out, and is embarrassed that Jules heard her lashing out.

Rue tells Jules they are over and to never speak to her again.

Elliot and Jules leave.

Jules agrees to go to the E.R. with her mother and her mother says they are going to rehab. Rue escapes the car, into oncoming traffic.

She makes her way to Cassie's house and her mom isn't far behind.

Rue says that she knows Cassie and Nate were having sex after New Year's eve, and Maddy lashes out at Cassie.

They run after each other.

Rue escapes the house and breaks into a couple's and steals their belongings.

She is then chased by the police and winds up at Laurie's place, asking for drugs.

She hands over the stolen belongings and Laurie says that she can't accept them as she is not a pawn shop.

Laurie says she will get her something but doesn't have pills.

Laurie gives her morphine.

The next morning, Rue wakes up and rushes home.

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Euphoria Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I wish I never said anything. I liked Rue the way she was.


The longer you use, all the chemicals in your brain will make you feel good. You start to weaken and wither.