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Tonight’s episode found our six recent time travelers (Jo, Carter, Allison, Fargo, Henry, and Grant) all trying to fit in to the new alternate timeline they are in now.

Fargo as the head of GD went to make an inspection of the non-lethal weapon’s division where none of the current prototypes appeared to work. Among them was a beam generator that was designed to calm crowds but, it overloaded while being tested and shut down. Afterwards many people at GD started showing signs of rage including some odd discoloration of their eyes when fully enraged.

Meanwhile, Henry and Grant start trying to rebuild the bridge device and during the assembly tools start disappearing. After a small amount of testing, they determine that the two of them were the cause of the items disappearing.

Back at GD things went from bad to worse as everyone except for Allison, Carter, and Tess have turned into near mindless angry zombies. Jo was unaffected for a short time but chained herself to a pole before she lost total control.

Tess figured out that they could fix the beam generator to reverse the effects but needed it in a central location. To lure the angry zombie mob away Carter used Fargo as bait and had him lure them away.  When the staff is all in one place Tess activated the repaired beam and reversed the effects.

Henry and Grant are terrified that anything they touch will cause it to disappear; just then Grace walks in and reveals that it was all a practical joke she played on Henry for him magnetizing her pots and pans.

With everything at GD was back to normal Carter went home and told Tess they should not be together and that she should take the job in Australia. She left hurt and in tears with one final “I love you.”

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Eureka Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Jo: It's happening to me too, isn't it?
Carter: Yeah, big time.

So are we looking for Hulk juice or what?