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The team is asked by the Church to investigate if a woman who confesses to murder during an exorcism is telling the truth.

Kristen learns from her friend Mira that the murders did take place, but the police are still referring to the cases as missing persons.

Mira wants Kristen to tell her about the alleged serial killer, but Kristen refuses, citing therapist-patient confidentialty. Kristen later tells Mira the location of the dead bodies.

Afterward, Mira comes and arrests the woman for the murders, and Kristen is angry with her friend until she learns the husband called the police.

The team then figures out the husband, not his "possessed" wife, committed the murders, and the husband is then arrested by the police.

The Church also questions the team about their interactions with Grace and the Poveglia Codex, eventually showing Kristen, Acosta, and Ben some of the pages.

Kristen and Acosta put together that one of the pages shows the heirarchy for 60 demons, one of which has the same demonic sigil that Townsend drew in Kristen's daughter's diary.

Another of the sigils was drawn by Acosta's father in his paintings.

Townsend starts counseling a young man who was rejected by a barista at a coffee shop. Townsend instructs the man on how to use his power over women and encourages him to join an online community for likeminded white supremacists.

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Evil Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Kristen: So what do you think?
Acosta: I think we’re in a bad spot.
Kristen: You think she did it?
Acosta: I think he did it.
Kristen: David, I love our debates over these issues, but not when it comes to murder.

Acosta: She would sometimes blow up a balloon to hear God more accurately.
Silvio: Excuse me?
Acosta: She would blow up a toy balloon.
Silvio: Do you not find this odd – a prophet requiring the blowing up of a balloon?
Ben: I found it off that there was a prophet at all. Everything after that was just gravy.
Silvio: What does that mean: gravy?
Ben: It means that once something is stupid, it doesn’t matter how much more stupid gets piled on top of it.