Message Scrawled On the Wall - EVIL
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David is at priest school, learning about confession. What is the purpose of the confessional? Penance and absolution are all they're required to do, but David thinks that they should offer it if someone asks for advice.

David learns he's not doing well in school.

Marx has another case. A woman who says her husband hearing voices, specifically, the archangel Michael. He's been giving her husband, Raymond, instructions from working at the soup kitchen to quitting his job and sell everything and give it to the poor.

Kristen points out that it was a specific message that Jesus delivered, but Marx says it was delivered to the rich and that Jesus doesn't want families to starve.

Leland and Sheryl are shopping for wedding cakes when Leland gets a call from David. The exorcism has to be moved back a month.

Leland tells Sheryl that they're over. He's only been with her to get close to Kristen and hurt her, and he did, so she can take her dried-up little ovaries and crawl back under the rock she came from.

Raymond is sketching dark photos of Michael all over his home. He has jerry-rigged scaffolding with a ladder and dining room chair. He seems a bit out of it. Wings are flapping, and a light shines down on them. He says that Michael says he's the lord's instrument, and they can't leave until they complete his work.

Raymond whispers in David's ear, "Help me. He's coming for me."

David thinks demons are terrorizing him, but Kristen thinks it's a psychotic break instigated by angels. She runs down all the awful things angels have done.

Later, David asks Ben if Kristen is having trouble, but Ben says she's fine. When David gets to his room, the archangel that Raymond has been seeing is there. He's speaking some other language and sets before him a bowl of light.

He wakes up in the middle of the floor, a nun mopping around him.

An actress from Second City is playing the nun. Andrea Martin!

Sister Andrea doesn't think much about how he's trying to communicate with God. She suggests praying like everyone else. He tells her about his vision of Kristen embracing the devil and that he believes she's struggling with a diabolical influence.

She gets him a metronome app and tells him to use it tomorrow to try to connect with God. Stop hurting himself. Pain is for tourists.

Ben is researching lucid dreaming. He checks on Leland, who is writing in symbolic language. He leaves the room and looks behind the drawer. He finds it has been opened, and he takes it out on Sheryl. He thinks she told Kristen, and that's how Kristen found the hole.

Sheryl turns the table on him verbally and physically, roughing him up a bit and declaring that he's not the first demon she dated.

Raymond rescued a family of four by lifting a car. There's not a scrape on him. He didn't feel flames at all.

Kristen catches up with her cop friend, Anya, who is interested in the background with the LeRoux investigation.

Raymond left his wife in the middle of traffic to save those strangers. She's concerned.

Ben asks if Kristen is in trouble and gets an interesting response.

David tries the metronome. It works. Michael arrives, asking why David called him. David wants to know what is the second bowl. It's god's penance. A weapon more powerful than 10,000 bombs. After devastation, rebirth. Michael is annoyed when David questions the lord's will.

David sees the news on his computer. The next plague? It appears to be covid.

Someone has written "die you stupid pig fuck" on Leland's wall, and he thinks it's Sheryl.

Kristen does some work with Raymond. Siezures, hallucinations? Ben sees a mark behind Raymond's ear and asks about it.

David chats with "Michael" about the bowls and the coming end of the world. He wonders if there's a chance to revert that path with ten righteous people. Michael laughs. There aren't ten righteous people.

Anya visits Kristen, and it's weird. She's jumpy. She's there to talk about Raymond. There was something weird with the street cam footage. There was a person left in the car, but Raymond didn't help that person. He watched the guy burn for a full minute and then saved him.

Raymond did that which was required. God wanted the man to feel the hellfire to repent for molesting his young niece.

Kristen says Raymond is dangerous, but she went a step further with LeRoux.

God's logic isn't theirs, he says. God says there can be just war. There is evil in the world that should be confronted. She wonders if there is just murder, piquing Ben's interest.

Mrs. Strand wants to talk with Kristen. She can't handle it anymore and wants to leave Raymond but doesn't know how he'll react. He wants them to live biblically, tossing makeup and telling her to quit her job. She's afraid that if she leaves, it will push him over the edge.

Leland visits Sheryl with a bottle of whiskey. He's trying to silence her, and she won't have it.

Father John and Marx have been talking about David. Marx has asked that David pass the class by taking Leland's confession. He bursts out laughing.

The gang visits Ashley and Raymond but finds the house empty except for Raymond in the sketched bedroom. She didn't leave, he says with a nod.

Ashley turned back instead of trusting in the lord, and she's a pile of salt.

Sister Andrea is startled by Leland's presence. He smells, she says. When David arrives for the confession, she's concerned.

David assures her all is well, and their confession begins.

Leland starts with menial sins and then brings Julia into the discussion. He advised her to remove the burden she was on her loved ones, and she took his advice.

David gives him five hail marys and two our fathers, leaving Leland flabbergasted.

Sister Andrea says, OK. She'll help him.

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Evil Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Sheryl: Listen to me, you little freak! Don't you dare call me bitch. I know where all your skeletons are buried. Your hands are a lot dirtier than mine, and you have way more to lose than I do, so don't you DARE threaten me!
Leland: You don't know what you're dealing with.
Sheryl: Come on. I'm not some wilting wedding planner. You don't know how many demons I dated before you.

David: Raymond. Yesterday, you mentioned the second bowl. What is that?
Raymond: You saw him, too.
David: I, what did I see?
Raymond: Michael.

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