Just Like Her Daughter - EVIL
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Hot flaming passion!

Nudity! Breasts!

Sexy music! (Mission District by The Black Angels).

Kristen isn't dreaming, she's daydreaming. She's got a devious look on her face.

David shows Sister Andrea a sigil map of demonic houses. Vatican officials gave her the map, and she walks away since they're not supposed to have it. David reveals that Leland had it, and he needs the language on it translated.

She doesn't recognize the alphabet.

He relays their theory that the sigils are connected to another child being born at the clinic.

Sister Andrea gives the map another look. He changes the alphabet with each letter. She gets one name. Maubray, Mathilda.

Mathilda is a foster child, and when the trio arrives, they learn that the family had called the diocese a while ago. They have had Mathilda for almost a year. She's a great kid, and they wanted to adopt her, but there are issues.

There have been three fires. They're getting larger each time. They were hoping that spiritual guidance could reach where therapy wasn't.

Mathilda's mother was arrested for setting something on fire. Kristen wants to talk with Mathilda.

Mathilda gets her luggage out because she thinks Kristen is there to take her away.

Kristen likes Brian and Jane a lot.

Mathilda likes pancakes and cartoons with Brian and Jane, and she gets mad after talking with her mom because she misses her.

Mathilda isn't supposed to tell anyone how the fires are starting because something bad will happen.

She goes to the closet and tells Kristen that a man comes into her room when she sleeps. It's been happening since she was a kid. He's got no emotions and he's got a cracked head with fire coming out the top. She was taken from her mom because of it, and he follows her wherever she goes.

Kristen doesn't suspect anything demonic.

When Kristen gets home, she takes Lexi's tea set similar to Mathilda's to the trash.

Sheryl visits Kurt. She lies about who she is but admits she's having problems with her daughter, Jasmine. She doesn't want him to take notes.

Sheryl almost gives away who her daughter is when she says her husband's a climber.

Brian and Jane have a nanny cam, and they caught something in Mathilda's closet that set it on fire. They don't think it's psychological.

Ben's sister visits as he's looking through figures with their heads on fire. Their mom described the same thing. A man with no eyes and his head oon fire. it's Afreet, the most powerful Jinn.

Since Jinns can be good or bad, Ben appreciates the Muslim religion more than Catholicism.

Nobody wants to believe Mathilda. She says the Jinn won't leave her until it has somewhere else to go. Her eyes alight and she speaks in a foreign tongue while holding Kristen's hand. The music from her daydream is in her head later. She sees the Jinn on the street. She tries to shake it off of her head, but she cannot. She plucks the rubber band on her hand. Nothing.

In bed, Ben hears a noise similar to the one that was in Mathilda's closet. A door squeaks open. It's the devil woman coming out of his bedroom. It wants to know why her friend criticize Allah so much. They don't treat him with respect, she says. he set his phone to record at the sound of his voice.

He will wake up and realize that she doesn't exist, and everything she's planting in his head will disappear. She's more real than his friends, she says, and she takes a retainer out of her mouth and sets it beside the phone. He wakes up, and there isn't a recording.

Brian requests an exorcism. Ben questions why he's doing it without Jane when she's Muslim.

Sheryl got a call from the school to get one of her daughters. Sheryl tries to say apologize to Kristen, but everything she practiced is harder to come out of her mouth. She mentions the breakup and admits that Kristen had his number. She's sorry.

Sheryl cries when they embrace. She's happy.

Ben positions the phone as a video recorder the next night. He's determined to catch something.

The music is playing as Kristen tries to sleep again. Fire one one side and porn on the other in her dream. She wakes up with a start. She needs to go out for a minute. She puts her daughter in charge.

Kristen dons a va va voom dress and heads to the local bar. She finds a man in seconds flat. He's Colin, and his buddy is Lance. He buys her a drink.

Colin works in IT at a data mining company.

He asks her to get out of there, and she wants to use the restroom first. She uses it as her opportunity to vamoose.

She tells herself to stay the next time, and feels her neck. It's hot. The Jinn is in the backseat.

She visits Kurt. She's seeing hallucinatory imagery. Kurt knows what a Jinn is.

When the trio arrives to Brian and Jane's house, they find a man there to conduct an Islamic exorcism.

The priest thinks that a demon might impersonate a Jinn because demons are liars. The sheik says he'll invoke Allah while the priest will invoke a man, Jesus.

It doesn't begin well, but once it does being, Kristen's eye's flash and she's got another voice. She says she's damed Dan.

Kurt calls Sheryl into the office and confronts her about her lies. She cries again. She didn't choose him under false pretences, she sobs. She's so sorry, please don't judge her.

She grasps his leg and his torso while on her knees, begging him to show compassion.

Mathilda cries, saying she's sorry.

Kristen checks in on the girls. Her eldest is happy to watch the girls any time. She wonders when dad is coming home and doesn't want her mom to be sad.

The tea set is out of the trash.

Kristen prepares to go out in another shimmering dress and red heels. Condoms go in her bag just before she sees the Jinn in her backyard.

Kristen doesn't go out.

Mathilda is in the yard watching the trash. It catches fire.

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Evil Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Kristen: If I told you I was the mother of four children, what would you say?
Colin: I'd say you don't look the mother of four children.
Kristen: Really? What do I look like?
Colin: The sexiest woman in here.

Kristen: May I ask you a few questions?
Mathilda: Sure, fire away. That was a joke.