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David and the preacher from the last episode are performing an exorcism on Leland, but David rolls his eyes at Leland's performance.

Since Leland sold his soul to the devil, they've got many, many sessions to go before they see any progress. In the meantime, he needs a spiritual counselor, and Leland offers up David. That's met with another eye roll.

Ben and Kristen are visiting with a couple to hear about their son, Wyatt, their only child. He went to the grocery store and never came back. They aren't sure if they have heard from Wyatt again or not. The only call they received was the day after he went missing. Through static, they heard a screaming man. Save me, he said.

Kristen has a hard time telling the couple what they do, so Ben has to rescue the moment. They're a little lost without David. Upon hearing that, Mr. Sawyer asks them to accompany him to Wyatt's room.

When they were cleaning Wyatt's room, but found a pentagram on the floor under the rug. David arrives in the nick of time.

At home, Kristen is looking for El Game when the girls come home. El Game is a Japanese game that you play in an elevator. The number are the floors they have to take. The goal of the game is to end up in hell.

The girls are so on board, and they want to play the game, which also requires a pentagram being painted in their room.

They leave home one of the girls, and the four others head off to the place where Wyatt disappeared. There is a video of him, and Wyatt never arrived.

Kristen's youngest daughter is sure Wyatt is in the Nether Region waiting to be saved. They're just the people to do it.

David gives Leland a rosary. Leland plays along, performing along the way. David wants him to pray the rosary in the morning and at night, and he gives Leland a copy of the Joyful Adventures.

Leland wants to know how it makes David feel that Black men are so underrepresented in the priesthood. He tries egging on David to believe that he's a diversity hire who is there only to look good among the White candidates.

They don't get to hell, but a young girl waiting to enter the elevator warns them against playing it. Her friend Felicia was in love with Wyatt. She wonders if they're investigators. She says that they were into the game. Felicia played the game after Wyatt, staying on the phone the whole time.

She waited in the lobby while Felicia played the game. The girls are enthralled. As Felicia is talking, there is garbled interference. The last thing they hear is the elevator doors opening and a ferocious scream.

Ben calls Vanessa.

In David's small class, there is another Black man.  David chooses to start his homily about God's love from the position of racism. He's shut down but ultimately allowed to continue, which has his fellow Black student surprised. He doesn't think David will ever be allowed to deliver that homily. But he also thinks that David is being groomed to be the great White hope.

David plays Vanessa the recording, and she bolts out the door. Is he coming?

They're on a haunted tour. She asks the guide about the elevator of the building that cut a 14-year-old girl in half when she was stuck in the doors.

David reports to Kristen and David about what he learns and that Vanesa says they need to finish the game lest they be haunted forever.

While brushing her teeth, Kristen hears the tecca tecca girl. In response, she decides to take a pill. They don't work fast enough for the sound to dissipate.

As she investigates, she discovers her mother in the living room, playing a computer game that makes that awful sound. Sheryl wants to put a bed in Kristen's studio so that she can be closer to the girls, especially on these nights when she has to watch them.

Kristen promises to think about it. She revisits the elevator and gets it stuck halfway between the 12th and another floor. She sees the girl craling and screaming, and the elevator begins to go up while she's stuck in it. She's not asleep, and she's not panicked. She calls Kurt. The prescription that is supposed to stop hallucinations? Yeah. It's causing more!

A fellow Black man disparages David, and when he's called Father Tom, he pops Logan in the nose. Before he leaves, another man grabs him. He's a minister at a gospel church. What the Catholic Church doesn't do, they do.

When they reconnect with the tour guide, she suggests stopping the elevator between floors. Kristen says she did, and nothing happened.

Father Kay tries to get David to couch the race language again.

Ben is trying the elevator game, realizing that it's not the 13th floor, but two buttons, 1 and 3. He's taken somewhere that looks about as close as we're going to get. In fact, Ben says, "what the hell"?

He's investigating when the elevator closes behind him. He hears the tecca tecca girl. He finds someone. It's two dead people, one being devoured by bugs.

Ben realizes there's no way to return. Running to the elevator door, he discovers the call button ripped from the wall. He cannot pull the doors apart.

David's mass is practically empty, but David delivers his homily nonetheless. Kristen is in the audience. Leland is scarfing popcorn a few rows behind.

After the mass, Kristen gets a call from Ben. He's been trying to reach them both, but they haven't heard anything. he's screaming from below, trying to reach someone. His phone battery is down to 10%.

He wonders how long it took Wyatt and Felicia to die.

As Ben is feeling sorry for himself, his demon arrives to comfort him. He launches himself at the elevator, and she speaks something to him that his grandmother spoke to him when he was a child.

He's found. His demon joins him in the elevator.




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Evil Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

The thing I don't understand is how you deal with the racism here.


Kristen: Do you feel like an idiot?
Ben: I never stop feeling like an idiot on this job.