Arriving At The Monastery - EVIL
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The team is already at the door of the monastery, but once they are let inside, they're shocked at just what silence means once there.

Kristen has an odd reception from the monks, and it seems like the men have never seen a woman before. That's not true, as soon learn, as there are also nuns on hand, and Kristen befriends one, leading to some of the best scenes of the episode.

Their directive is to find the three miracles that will anoint Thomas as a saint. They waste no time hunting them down.

The first is visit is to his corpse, which has not deteriorated at all. That seems relatively cut and dried, so Ben goes in search of the second.

The demon box is the entire reason why the monks remain silent, as they attempt to keep the demon in the box since lore suggests that one spoken word will release it to destroy the world.

Kristen's friend, Fenna, is the third miracle, as she suffers from stigmata on her hands, feet, and chest. Kristen thinks she understands the why behind it, but Fenna quickly proves her wrong.

David finds a lot to like at the monastery, despite the fact he cannot silence his mind. It's because he can't silence it that he considers, however briefly, joining the monks before ultimately confessing he's needed more outside in the world.

Kristen, who has gotten the equivalent of the steerage room within the monastery to claim as her own, utters a word after which all hell breaks loose.

She believes she's at fault but doesn't speak up. It's not needed, as Ben's research into the strange wounds many are suffering have a biological explanation.

It's not pretty and is just one more nail in hopes for Thomas to achieve sainthood.

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Evil Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

David: Monks like Thomas have been watching it since the '30s to keep the cabinet closed.
Ben: Why? What's in it?
David: A demon that wants to destroy the world. That's why the silence. The legend goes that if even one word is spoken within the monastery walls, the demon will be out. And if he's out, he can never be recaptured.

David: They put gags in their mouths when they sleep.
Ben: You're kidding.
David: No, and they want us to do the same tonight.