The Angel Tribunal - Evil
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Sirens are blaring, and first responders are creating a makeshift triage center in the middle of a high school gymnasium. David arrives and is mistaken for a police officer twice.

David is introduced to several other clergy members, and they all mention his collar.

Phil is a senior pastor at the Baptist church. Rabbi Bachman has a word, too.

It seems like a house exploded, as there are people from the building next door covered in soot. It turns out that the girl he visits was in the building. It happened very fast, just dust and darkness. Her name is Kelly Benington. She was on the 11th floor, and a woman led her through the disaster and to the stairs. She keeps asking how she could see? The woman was wearing a bright, white gown, and was carrying a lamb. She's adamant that she needs to find that woman.

David gives her his coat, rushing over to the responders to let them know there is a survivor. A man was on the sixth floor, and he was guided by the woman, too. He has the same story as Kelly.

Michael said, "I don't got to church. I don't go to anything, but this lady, she didn't care."

It was a gas leak leading to the building's collapse. One hundred and thirty four dead so far, and only four surivors, three of whom David talked with and shared the same story of the woman.

Monsignor is excited because they've been looking into the beautification of Sister Mary Grimonde, a Sicilian nun who died in 1950. She cured someone then, and Monsignor wants them to investigate to see if this is her.

Monsignor doesn't want David to defend Sister Andrea. If David won't pull back, he just doesn't want him to do anything to embarrass the church.

Leland is a part of the tribunal. Kurt is preparing to speak. Kurt says that Sister Andrea shows conduct disorders, and when David asks a question about Kurt seeing demons, Sister Andrea pulls him back. Kurt thanks her.

Leland wants to know who the hell is working for Sheryl. The place is a hive of activity, but he's pushing it. She wants to interrupt the meeting with the manager. The manager's assistant doesn't think so.

Kelly visits with Kristen and Ben and David to talk about the lady with the lamb. Kelly and Matthew both describe the lady with the bright light. The third survivor draws the same picture as the other two, apparently.

The third woman got a phone call with a woman whispering, "get out now."

Kristen is laying on her bad in the dark when she hears a voice whisper, "watch out."

She checks all around the house, locks it up, checks the stove, grabs a bat, and goes back to bed.

David is sleeping when he sees another tear in reality, this time with a woman holding a lamb. She screams, "run!"

The girls were waiting for the train because they're worried it's coming through the ceiling. They're terrified because of the building collapse.

Kristen tells Sheryl about her voice. When she was little, she heard the same voice, so Sheryl thinks maybe this is about Andy since it happened when her parents were divorcing.

The tribunal continues. They've decided that what Sister Andrea said was blasphemous. David's argument comes to the lead priest, who had a vision of Jesus walking by the lake.

The final survivor says the woman was black, and they're only interested with Sister Mary, and everyone wonders if it's racist.

As David talks about artwork not reflecting the actual people, he stops himself after recalling his vision.

Sheryl takes Ted Lasso bisquits to try to see the manager, but only bribery gets her inside.

Sheryl enters and smells quite a stench, coming up on the manager, a naked goat demon with five eyes. He gobbles her bisquits while she gags, and then he farts, asking what she wants.

Sheryl asks Billy what the manager looks like, and he describes him as Liam Neeson or Ted Danson. Sheryl is like what in the hell??

David looks through Christian art at all of the white, Roman faces. The next time the angel appears to him, she's black.

David is troubled and visits Sister Andrea to talk about what he's experienced, and it's quite emotional.

The girls don't want Andy to go climbing today after waking up in the middle of the night scared for his safety.

Every time the train goes by, the girls freak out. Kristen bundles them up and takes them outside to yell at the train.

Sheryl watches the demon goggle up her cookies and hands her back scratcher so she can scratch his back. She's gagging the whole time.

He promotes her and takes over misinformation. He likes what she's doing with the building collapse. He also wants her back at noon the next day and slaps her ass and sends her on her way. Leland is in her office. She's frightened of the manager, and Leland welcomes her to the team.

Under hypnosis, the third survivor, Jessica, says that the voice, which she formerly described as a language didn't understand, delivered a message for David. Don't trust her. Don't trust your sister.

Ben and Kristen are at a loss for words. This is far beyond what they thought. But Ben and Kristen discover that Jessica worked for Leland Townsend. Jessica says that all the anger and hate that is taking over the world is because their team is losing.

Monsignor won't explain why the church is afraid of a black angel.

The tribunal has a decision. David wants to be clear why the accusations against Sister Andrea is because of Leland. David says seeing the demon with the Cardinal isn't blasphemous because he's struggling, showing he's human, and, oh by the way, he sees demons, too. Then, David uses the race card.

Sister Andrea apologizes to David about not taking his race issues seriously. He doubts, and she says that his doubt makes his faith stronger. And she wants him to confess his sins.

The demon is sitting on her armoire, and he says boop.

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Evil Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Ben: Do you want us to investigate if a dead Sicilian nun came to Brooklyn to save people?
Monsignor: Yes. Here's her picture. She was called the Sister of the Lambs; she tended to a local flock. She said Jesus told her to. The Vatican would be very happy if that's who the survivors saw.

Word of advice. Don't give answers, give comfort.