Possessed!! - Evil
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Kristen is talking with a raving, seemingly possessed girl tied to a bed and frothing at the mouth with what appears to be bile. Kristen is working the psychological angle while Ben checks out the room. What he finds is disturbing -- a live stream of the "possession."

The app is vidtap, which in this timeline, replaced tiktok. The girl started by punching a mirror and eating the glass.

Leland gets off scot-free again with the Monsignor. The archdiocese found no impropriety from Leland's visits to Lexis's school or with her.

When Kristen talks to the girls, issuing a set of index cards with rules to report Leland, Lexis and her sisters decide to get back on Bumblebee Valley. This time, Polly gives advice on how to crush pills into Kristen's food.

Kristen dives into vidtap and finds online possessions are big business. Ben decides everyone on the internet is possessed. He also finds the original video that spawned the nuts influenced by him.

The Great Heller was a magician who turned his sights on the internet. So, Ben films his first vidtap video showing how the guy does it. Within seconds, he's getting a lot of attention.

All three of the assessors are getting suggestions on vidtap and following where they lead. Ben scoffs at all of the videos except one, which appears to be two children terrorized by something in their room shaking their beds, stripping their covers, and tossing kids onto the floor.

Lexis gets onto Bumblebee Valley and calls out Leland as a pedophile.

Kristen, Ben, and David visit with the mother, asking for help. They see a disturbing video in which the older boy puts the child into the dryer to "protect" him.

Ben discovers the floor is slanted, but it doesn't account for the bed moving (duh).

Ben continues filming videos in response to his comments, and Kristen keeps watching mom videos, this time while drinking one of the pop rocks margaritas.

While David is watching fellow priests share their loneliness, demon Kristen shows up in a sexy schoolgirl uniform. She taunts him about Victor possibly messing with David via the entity. She says, David, I'm not just a demon, I'm you. I'm in here.

While David is carrying on with demon Kristen, Sister Andrea hears something in his room. Inside, there is a demon resembling a mosquito man sucking from his brain. Proving that David is being controlled in some way, he lashes out at Sister Andrea.

Leland is whining as Polly the Pig just like he does with the archdiocese. This time, the girls name the church and Leland.

The gang is outside of the house discussing how vidtap pesters them, trying to predict who they are, and twisting their interests into violence and sex.

Drama from inside. The mom thinks that vidtap is evil, taking control of accounts. The mom and kids are all scratched, and it looks ugly. Ben doesn't think vidtap can start on its own.

They all decide to turn off vidtap. And they all fail. Kristen decides to call Andy, but the call is anything but ordinary. He doesn't answer questions. That's because it's Leland. Andy is in their bloodletting room in some kind of stupor. Andy answers Leland's questions under the threat of neverending drips of water.

Ben takes David and Kristen to see someone he knows at vidtap, and she explains the algorithm, which tracks you down to the nanosecond. Hovering taps into their brain.

The mother is not only editing her videos, but she's abusing the children to gain clout online. While they're questioning her, she turns on the live stream, acts like an idiot, and then attacks them with scissors.

Sheryl tells Andy her plans as she buffs his nails and worries over his cuticles. On the bed above Andy is the saying, "today is the first day of the rest of your life."


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Evil Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

It's official. Everyone on the internet is possessed.


Kristen: Are you getting a lot of vidtap notifications?
Ben: All the time.
Kristen: It's addictive, isn't it? I sat down to watch one video, and I was there for an hour.
Ben: It's the algorithm. The only way they make money is if you stay on it.
David: Isn't it kind of weird how it tries to predict who you are?
Kristen: Yeah, like it thinks I'm a mom who drinks a lot.
Ben: Maybe you are a mom who drinks a lot.