Demon Hunting - Evil
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Sister Andrea is visited by four priests requesting that she retire. They want to send her to a silent retreat. Leland enters the room. It's all Leland, so Satan has infiltrated the parish. Leland asks if there is a demon in the room, and there is one hanging his hand over Leland's shoulder. She says yes, demands a three-person priestly investigation, and leaves the room.

A woman visits David in the confessional. She wants to talk with David because she believes she needs an assessment, and she'll persist until she gets attention.

The guy Kristen punched in the grocery store wants an apology. He's recording her. The girls are very disappointed that Kristen apologized. Lexie brings up a very important question.

The assessors visit Jacklynn, who says her husband, Jason, has been acting possessed. He's a long-haul trucker. He won't sleep in the home because he doesn't trust he won't hurt his wife.

Jason is taking a month off to recuperate because of what he saw. Something dark and low followed him and wouldn't pass. Then he saw someone sitting there. A man or a shadow. And when he looked right at him, the man was gone.

Jason blacked out and doesn't remember the next eight hours. He drove 500 miles and didn't remember any of it.

Ben produces a receipt, saying he feels like it's a drone. But David finds a strange symbol on the truck that they investigate.

It's a sigil, but Ben doesn't want to believe it. He thinks they're looking for them, so they find them, but this is just a circuit diagram.

They visit a truck stop, and the truckers are all staring at them. Traci says that she puts the nice message on every receipt and wonders if they're reporters checking out the many accidents.

Kristen thinks it's third man syndrome, which happens to alpinists when they push past the level of exhaustion, feeling that there is a person walking beside them.

A man overhears her. He says the ghost highway is a real thing and they do anything they can to avoid it. He says they shouldn't go anywhere near exit 13A on I95.

Ben is looking for a particular song to play while they drive. Happy Together was his mom's favorite song. They all sing. When they bought a used car, there was a CD stuck in it, so the song played no matter where they went.

Kristen asks after Ben, and he shares that the science club worked out the guardian angel issue they had last year. Kristen knows David wishes it were real, and suddenly, there is a shrieking scream on the radio. It's 666 am, and there is a woman speaking in tongues and what sounds like priests and demons.

David spots something behind them. It looks like demon eyes. The radio then says, 'It's a short slide to hell, Ben, and that's where they all belong."

The look on Ben's face belies his belief that it's just a drone. He's worried about the electrical system and asks David to pull over. Then the car dies, and the steering wheel is frozen. They're on the side of the road, and Ben wants to check the electrical system. Although she thinks someone is fucking with them, she doesn't want Ben checking on it as it's literally the start of a hundred horror movies.

They all get out of the car, and Kristen hears something in the bushes. Kristen is getting closer and the car starts, scaring the crap out of her. She's really rattled after seeing whatever was on the side of the road.

Sister Andrea visits Kurt because he's seen a demon. She wanted him because he has seen a demon. He gets flustered and decides to direct questions directly. The first vision she had was St. Bernadette at the age of 15. She gave herself to Christ that day. Later, Kurt is at the piano.

Kristen looks up the third man information on the web.

Sheryl brings the kids by, and Kristen says she's proud of her for starting a new career. Kristen wonders how her mom taught her to be independent. Sheryl never told Kristen what she wanted because she knew Kristen would want the opposite. And her rules for boys were if they do something wrong, they're outta here.

Ben shares the recording with Karima, who thinks what they heard is a clash of short wave frequencies. She also thinks that his name is only a coincidence, but he thinks someone hacked into his phone and listened to their conversation.

Jacklynn calls David, as Jason thought he hit something on the highway and now believes he's possessed. While trying to call Jason, the demon thing and the red eyes are activated. Then, a massive bat flies in front of his car, and David hits what looks like a coyote. But there's nothing on the road.

David is freaked out, and when he looks back, there is nothing there. He exits the car to look around. There is a growling sound, and whatever David hit is in the street. It's a demon eating a coyote. David drops his keys, and never takes his eyes off of the demon. Then the demon drops the coyote and tries attacking David. A light appears in front of David with a living al fresco painting of an archangel, and the demon flies off at the same time Jason is coming behind him in the semi.

David talks with Sister Andrea about what he saw and describes it. Sister Andrea says this is good, but he says it didn't feel good. Angels and saints can protect an ordained priest. David recalls screwing the Kristen demon. He says he is not a holy person. He fails all the time. The temptations of the flesh have been too much. She thinks he's resisting them, but David doesn't feel good about it.

Kurt knocks, and David wonders why he's there to visit Sister Andrea.

Andy calls Kristen from the mountain. He's breaking up, and they don't get much time to chat. She tells him about the grocery store man, asking what was right. He doesn't know what to say. She's worried that the girls will start deferring to boys, and she wants to prevent that part of puberty. He says he has to go, and they'll talk Thursday.

Kristen visits her video on YouTube, and she finds other women talking about their strength.

The construction fella wants to talk to Kristen. The demolition man wants the second check before they start on the second phase. He pulls the "is your husband here" trick. She stands firm, and when he says that he'll rip down the work he's done. She starts smashing it down herself. He rescinds his stuff.

They go demon hunting, and 18.9 hertz is the ghost frequency that causes delusions and visions and fear and paranoia. They use that hertz in horror movies because it freaks out the audience.

The drone is behind them, and Kristen flips a Uuey so they can follow it. They find skidmarks and head into the woods.

There's a truck inside the building, and when Kristen sees the sigil and smashes the shit out of it. Ben is so disappointed that the guy was crowd chasing and didn't even have a real motive.

Victor Laconte and another guy were nearby, and Victor tells the man to go wipe it down for prints.

David and Sister Andrea await the latest tribunal. They want him to leave, and they both say no. David is not in the mood for the council of heretical practices. The guy calls in Kurt (oh, and Leland is there again, too). Oh, she said that she saw a demon consulting with a Cardinal, and they don't want to allow it. David brings up her right to a tribunal of the first instance and offers to defend her. He retires to his room and screams into his pillow.

Lurking behind him is Victor. He's messed with some of the sigil maps. He's got a red sharpie and wants David to cross off the sigil because the guy they stopped was the successor to the sigil on the truck. He says it's not one of the better demonic houses, but a win is a win. David says they didn't eliminate him, and Victor says the guy shot himself after they left. David is shocked that they've been following him, and Victor says they've been following him since the medical student cannibalized his cadaver.

He points at a house that would have been vanquished if they hadn't allowed that to happen. A successor has to cannibalize the former head to retain the house. Victor crosses out all of the houses that have been cannibalized. Once they're all gone, there will be world peace.





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Evil Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Kristen: You seem better, Ben. I was a little worried about you last week.
Ben: Yeah, well, my sister, she took me to some science club, and they solved some things for me.
Kristen: What things?
Ben: The angel from the video last year? You know, the girl that was dead for 177 minutes?
Kristen: Yeah.
Ben: So, they showed me that it's an app. You can break into somebody's Bluetooth transmission and give them a guardian angel in their photos.

Lexis: Why can boys do whatever they want, but girls can't?
Kristen: I don't think that's true.
Lexis: It is. That guy just said whatever he wanted and did whatever he wanted.
Kristen: Well, I was kind of wrong to him before.
Lexis: I don't think you were