Let the Experiment Begin - Evil
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Kristen sobs into David's shoulder, saying the Act of Contrition. David absolves her of her sins.

They're still in each other's arms, breathing heavily. Slowly, they part and kiss passionately.

They move toward the bed, and Kristen removes her sweater. When David sees the crosses carved into her stomach, he hesitates. Kristen, upset, says she's sorry and leaves the room.

David smashes something and kneels down to pray, asking for God's help.

Kristen returns, removes her sweater, and takes off her panties. She kneels behind David, whispering in his ear not to look and not to turn. They won't talk about it ever. She wants David, and she's not leaving until he fucks her. Just this once, he says.

Kristen is at home talking to the girls. Leland is trying to talk to Lexis. She wants the four of them to help her because Leland is trying to destroy them. She asks if his note, Daffodil, means anything to them. No. Well, from now on, she wants them to call her immediately if they so much as spot Leland in the street near them.

One of her daughters says she has something for her.

David and Ben are in a hangar. It's a lab with what looks like a coffin in the middle of the floor. On the floor are lights, and they are shaped much like a pentagram. They're hoping to measure someone in the moments before their death and the moment after to see if there is a loss of body weight when someone dies. What is it and where does it go?

If there's nothing to see, then there's nothing left to discuss. There is no life after death.

Ben says that scientists haven't done the experiment because they don't have a religious agenda. David says that makes no sense, as if they didn't know the answer they would do it anyway to find out. Ben disagrees.

Leland steps into the room as the monsignor is telling them that there is a priest on death's door who is willing to be a part of the experiment. She's got a restraining order for him against her daughter. The discussion is funny, and at the end, David wonders if they're OK. She says yes.

Monsignor delivers the dying priest the good news that he's been approved for the experiment. David then takes his confession, which is that celibacy has been difficult for him. He never felt God's love and felt that he was missing out on human touch. What if there's only darkness and he spent his life being an idiot? He doesn't want to die.

At home, Lexis is looking up daffodil on the computer. She sees Bumblebee Valley and clicks. The first thing she does is lie to get inside, saying she is 14 or older. She picks Linda the Lizard, and she's inside of a clear pedo trap. The entire design is to lure children.

But when someone asks how old she is, she says she's 11, and the pig she meets says they're 12. Sheryl is there watching the girls while Kristen does "demon stuff." They're getting pizza.

The priest is ready to die. He's being raced to the tanning booth (that's what it looks like!).

The priest says again that he doesn't want to die. The Monsignor makes sure he's ready for the experiment and calls him a good friend.

They turn down the lights and Monsignor tries to get in touch with Ignacious. They talk while the scientists light up the "rings" that, apparently, will weigh the device.

Ignacious is troubled and feels alone. Some of the lights pop just before his death. He dies, and they determine a difference of 24.63 grams.

There are cheers all around, but then there is an issue. Some of the red lights are turning green. Inside of the booth, Ignacious is alive, vigorous even, and kisses Monsignor when he's released, saying he's wanted to do that all his life.

Andy is home, but his key no longer works. He knocks on Sheryl's door, but nobody answers. He's all along outside of the houses. He enters Sheryl's place and a demon from the end of the bad screams at him, sending him sprawling. One of the girls finds him outside.

Ignacious is starving and eating heartily while everyone else ponders what the hell happened.

Andy is eating some childhood contraption that's just awful and wonders where Lexis is. She's upstairs with the pig again. She thinks it's Leland. She is pretending to be tricked, and once she knows what he wants, then she'll tell mom.

Andy tells Sheryl to leave the house by the end of the week. She laughs at him. He doesn't let up, and her guilt trips and nasty comments won't do it. He tells her over and over to get the fuck out of her house. They have an epic argument that sends her to her room asking Eddie in the jar to help her. As she's begging God to help her, David is doing the same. And then Kristen climbs into his bed.

It's not Kristen, though, and she's got the forked tongue (and nasty language) to prove it.

Kristen and Andy are in bed, looking at each other's faces. She's excited that he's home forever, and he's got a buyer. They've got plans. She wants to build another bedroom and bathroom. And he wants Sheryl gone. She agrees.

Kristen and David visit Ignacious, who asks after 'Matt' aka the Monsignor. Ignacious talks about what he saw in the 56 seconds. People in a line with long, outstretched arms, that got longer until Matt put his hand on his back and he was alive again. The cancer is gone and the swelling in the lymph nodes is receding. But Monsignor says that Ignacious was never like this before. And he would have never kissed him as he did.

When David and Kristen finally talk, Kristen says that the important part is that he stopped things from going further. He tells her that he didn't stop them, and she went home. They didn't have sex. He recalls having sex, and she wonders what he's been thinking. She seems to be lighter, different since he absolved her of her sins.

Still, she wants to see Kurt for a referral. Sister Andrea is at Kurt's place. He's flat on the floor. He sees the demon every fuckin' night, he says. She tells him he doesn't need to swear, but she's not going to help him. He needs to live in fear of the day that he dies, and God realizes that he doesn't believe, and he'll need to rue that day.

Outside, she runs into Kristen and recognizes that Kristen was baptized but turned away. Kristen is shaken, but Kurt calls her inside.

Lexis is still playing the game, while Lynn helps Andy move the bed. Feng shui. They find an icky glass container under the bed. They open it, and it stinks to high heaven. Andy dumps it in the toilet, and he sees a shrunken head. He tries flushing it, but it just sits in the hole. He jams the end of a plunger at it, and a dark substance oozes out. He finally flushes it, but it doesn't fully flush. He does it again, but the girls run inside to pee.

Another priest is getting wheeled into the contraption. Oh, a nun. Sister Gertrude. Leland got a reprieve and joins them in the control room. He's always talking about parish liability and oversight. He says he was at the school at the request of the principal. He's smug. He's got a bunch of messages from Bumblebee Valley, confirming Lexis's belief. Now, all of the girls are asking him questions at the same time.

The nun died and got 36 grams heavier.

Ben cannot believe that both subjects had the same cancer. It's time to discuss demons.

David suggests that the demon, cancer, left Ignacious and went into Sister Gertrude. Ben says no, science needs a larger sample and repeated results. Kristen says, what if God doesn't repeat, which really gets Ben in a tiff.

They see Ignacious leaving. The diocese is transferring him because they're worried about what will happen if he stays.

Leland is going nuts with Bumblebee Valley. Fucking kids, he says in frustration.

David asks God to save him. Then he hears a sign. It's Demon Kristen in lingerie, strutting across the room, talking about being forbidden. Looking across the room as Kristen rides him, he sees a nun watching him.





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Evil Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

David: What happened?
Scientist: I don't know, but he was medically dead for 56 seconds with a loss of 24 grams.
Monsignor: His soul left his body?
Ben: He's still 24 grams lighter.
Kristen: So he's walkin' around without a soul?
Monsignor: Obviously, he can't be without a soul because there he is.

Leland: Yes, Ms. Bouchard?
Kristen: Hello.
Leland: Hello. Would you mind backing up a few feet? [chuckles, while Kristen places an envelope on his chest] What is it?
Kristen: A restraining order. You've been served.
Leland: Monsignor. Can't we settle our disagreements without these ad hominem attacks?
Monsignor: Ms. Bouchard, this is not necessary.
Kristen: Oh, it's not a restraining order for me. I can take care of myself. It's for my 11-year-old daughter.
Monsignor: Excuse me?
Kristen: Mr. Townsend has approached my daughter at school on four separate occasions, and he's asked her to keep it secret from me.
Leland: Oh, this is-
Kristen: And he's also made her uncomfortable with his touch.
Leland: I did not. What are you talking about? This is insane.
Kristen: Luckily, one of my daughters took a photo, and that is why the court granted me this injunction.
Leland: That. That is a misinterpretation!
Kristen: I guess it's a good thing that the Catholic Church has no issues with older men touching children.