They Are Not Singing Christmas Carols - Evil
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David takes confessions, and he rolls his eyes at what people consider sins.

Then he gives a 6 am mass and seems highly unimpressed.

Later, during a meal, every other person at the table slurps their food.

When David gets back to his room, a man is waiting inside. It's Victor LaConte. David thinks he works with the Vatican's secret service, the Entity. But Victor says no, there is no Entity, only friends of the Vatican.

Victor wonders if David feels he's serving God here, and David admits he doesn't know what God wants. Victor knows what God wants -- he wants David to be a friend of the Vatican.

He sees David struggling with the monotony and the low attendance at masses, but he doesn't think David sees the connection to evil. But something evil is happening in New York, not just supernatural but corporeal.

Victor is recruiting David and needs him to say yes. But David says he needs to tell the Monsignor. But if he says yes, he cannot tell anyone. He will be a friend of the Vatican, but that is a burden.

Kristen and Andy are going over their finances, and the mention of public school sends the girls into a tizzy.

When Kristen notes that $2000 of their income is from Sheryl's rent for the garage, Andy balks, and she crosses it off. He'll try to get a higher price for the business.

One of the younger girls is washing her face in the bathroom when the toilet begins backing up. It's also moaning, which is disconcerting. Blood fills the bowl and overflows.

David is getting punked in the confessional. One youth after another enters screaming CAPTAIN KIRK IS CHRIST. Monsignor was outside and heard it and saw the boys filming each other doing it.

Parents are worried about Praise Wandering Jack -- a meme Monsignor considers blasphemy. A freshman committed suicide last week, and his parents think he got caught up in something online.

Monsignor knows Victor was there and asks if he approached David. David plays dumb, and Monsignor wants to ensure that if Victor approaches, he'll be notified.

While talking to Kristen about Wandering Jack, David gets a call from "A Friend," but when he answers, they hang up.

Kristen called Ben to help with the toilet. Laura says, hey, I thought you couldn't afford a plumber, and Kristen shushes her. The girls know about Visiting Jack and get all riled up talking about it.

A boy named Reynold, or Ren, is having a bad time over the situation, and Lynn visits him with Kristen, Ben, and David. She tries to drag out of him what is going on and why he won't exit his room, but he says he's not done with the licks, and if he leaves before it's done, it will kill him.

He says she has seven days to complete seven licks, or she'll go to hell with Visiting Jack. Then he realizes she didn't look at it and warns her against doing so. When they all start looking for it, Lynn gets worried. Maybe they shouldn't be doing it.

The address is blocked, but Ben's sister finds it even after hearing what it will mean to look at it. A man with a white head, seemingly shaking it side to side, is in a black suit and tie.

Leland takes Sheryl to her new job in doom-scrolling. Sheryl doesn't quite understand, but Leland lays it out beautifully. The unwitting now do the devil's work without even realizing it, and the continual focus on doom keeps people agitated and untethered, but not so far gone that they'll turn to God, which nobody wants.

Doom-scrolling, where the focus is evil and not good. He will take Sheryl a new mission every day, and she'll want to question the missions, but it's her job, so don't.

Ben, David, and Kristen are at the address. Ben thinks he sees something and goes to check it out. At that moment, David gets the call.

Once inside, Ben and Kristen see something moving. She puts her finger on the trigger to dial 911 if necessary. The place seems massive, but it's not from the outside. They find scratches on the wall, and behind a plastic tarp is a man. He is squatting, a word he doesn't like, citing statistics on empty homes.

Ben thinks the guy is Visiting Jack, and the guy wonders if Ben has seen him two. Thus begins a taunting, resulting in the guy screaming for them to get out.

David arrives at the address he got and goes inside. Victor is inside. Victor says David is not wearing his collar. David doesn't because it draws attention. But Victor says to wear it and carry his sick call traveling case to deliver a bible.

Lynn talks to Ren, showing him photos of the squatter. Ren says there were other houses, and Visiting Jack killed the families in every one of them. He talks directly to Kristen, hoping she'll protect Lynn.

The boy's mom, Kristen, and Ben look at the other locations and find the visitor at every mapped location. It's creepy, as these things usually are. Every one of them has that shaken head look.

Andy learns that someone wants to buy the business for $800k. Andy's skeptical. Who would want it for the full price?

Kristen and Ben show David the photos, which he calls creepy, and they all had associated deaths. They cannot figure out how that face got into every street image online. Kristen notices one, LaRoux's, and his ex-wife, Emily, is in the photo.

The girls are in their room again talking Visiting Jack. Lynn has to hit a teacher for one of her tasks, and Laura gives her a fake punch hand so that she can do it, but it will be like a joke.

The toilet gurgles before they run downstairs so Lynn can steal alcohol and drink it. They're all excited while Andy talks to the guy who wants to buy the business, Eddie, aka Sheryl's Edward. He needs to go with Andy to Nepal to learn the ins and outs of the business.

Andy tries to get out of it by sending Bash, but Edward persists. Sheryl and Leland want him to up the ante, and he offers a $150k surcharge if Andy does it himself. Sheryl says Kristen is logical and will make Andy go.

David gets his order -- to deliver the last rites to someone at Hotel Percival, room 2102. He needs to say he's Father Michael, leave the bible in the room and the door open, taking a postcard from the room on his way out.

Kristen and Ben think something is up with David when he leaves quickly.

Kristen and Ben visit Emily. They're in the living room where Kristen killed LaRoux. Ben asks if Emily has seen the street view. Emily did see the guy in the street view camera back up and do it again several times, which she found odd. Ben manages to find an image of the driver.

David arrives at the Percival, room 2102, and knocks. Someone is sobbing inside. It's an Asian family grieving over a man who is sick on the bed. David administers the last rites and spots the postcard on the coffee table across the room while doing so.

Just seconds after David finishes the last rites, a doctor verifies he's dead, and sobbing children run over to the bed.

David takes the postcard and asks if he can help with anything else. Before he leaves, a man shoves a tip in his jacket pocket.

Just before the door closes, David ensures it's still open.

When David returns to the church, Kristen is waiting for him. She's got news on the scam and asks after David what he was taking care of. They chat about their friendship, and David assures her that it has nothing to do with her.

Back at the church, David learns that the guy in the hotel room was poisoned to keep from delivering that message. David wants to know who he's saving. Grace Ling. She's been deported to China and related to a work camp. The postcard is empty. But the $100 bill has what Victor is looking for.

Kristen talks with Lynn about drinking one of her margaritas. Kristen is worried that Lynn got to task number four -- have sex with a virgin.

The toilet makes another groaning noise, and Kristen investigates. Andy asks Kristen about the trek. Three months, but it would be his last. She thinks it's an insane amount of money, and they need money. She doesn't see how they can say no. She says just don't die, and he says OK.

She also wants half the money upfront to start on that bathroom. She cries a little. Being a single mother really sucks. And the toilet responds.



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