The Demon of Sex with Sister Andrea - Evil
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David playfully joins a couple in holy matrimony.

Sister Andrea is praying when she smells something. When she investigates, she finds water on the floor. But it's not water; it's ooze. It's coming from outside of the door where David is counseling the couple who just wed. It's behind the couple.

Sister Andrea enters the room, chats with Leo and his wife, and finds a demon lurking behind them. He brazenly walks right up to Leo and Amalia, putting his hands on their shoulders.

Sister Andrea pulls David aside and shares what she knows. When they go back inside, the couple balks at the idea there are "issues" in their marriage, but when Sister Andrea asks about intimacy issues, the demon leans into her face with a "fuck you."

They saved themselves for marriage, and they're having sexual issues. Whenever they try to be intimate, they have a physical reaction like they're allergic to each other. When David says it sounds like a medical condition, the demon laughs in Sister Andrea's face and shows her his ass.

David pushes back, but as Sister Andrea pushes, the couple reveals that they're there because of what happens. Amalia shows the demon print on her back and they ask for help.

Kristen is getting a quote for her new bathroom when David calls to share what's going on. They're getting a master bedroom and master bathroom. It will take two or three months.

Ben is upstairs with the girls trying to clean the demon out of the toilet. The girls point out that he's not magnificent anymore. And he has on two different shoes. Ben the Magnificent is Falling Apart.

Something strange happens to the snake, and it's pulled deep into the line. As David tries to pull the snake, it pulls back.

Kristen hears something in the girls' room, and she finds Lexis in their bedroom, wearing a wolf's head, staring into the corner, saying "I'm bad" over and over. She was chanting. Kristen worries it's about Leland, but Lexis says it's about Lynn.

Lynn made her do that for making her tell mom that she was dating. The girls are arguing when Kristen makes their new ten commandments.

Never lie to mom. If Leland approaches, tell mom. Don't go into mom's closet. Do not interrupt mom.

Ben finds an eyeball in the toilet. He just shakes his head and flushes it. Like, he's had enough. When the toilet moans again, Ben just walks away.

Makob is a cryptocurrency that Leland is pushing. Sheryl's goal this week is to get Makob to trade for $130. She wonders how you sell something intangible. Leland doesn't care and introduces her to her executive assistant, Taylor.

Sheryl tries to get the team together, and everyone ignores her with one dude telling her to go back to her office and online shop, boomer, while they do the work for her.

Ben's sister is pounding on his door. She demands to know what is going on with him. When he ignores her, she gets all the ice from his freezer onto his bed.

He's really floundering, but Kamira wants to take him out to steady him a bit.

Kristen is asking Amalia and Leo questions about living together and whatnot. She decides to do some role-playing. She asks them to act out how Leo initiates sex.

While Amalia explains, the demon's arm falls off. Kristen spots Sister Andrea sitting behind her and isn't impressed. They disagree on how to best work with the newlyweds. Kristen is worried that Leo and Amalia might be uncomfortable talking about sex in front of Sister Andrea. Sister Andrea says she can tell whether her questions are helping or hurting the situation. The demon's jaw falls off next, and Sister Andrea is pleased.

Sheryl visits the girls while getting her stuff. They've written their own commandments about popularity, influencers, and hitting back when hit. Melindas is their favorite influencer, and Sheryl decides to rope her into selling Makob.

Melindas negotiates, and Sheryl negotiates back.

Kamira takes Ben to what he calls Nerd Narnia. He's initially unimpressed, but when he hears an explosion, they investigate. There is a setup to make something explode. He and Kamira get three minutes. They have the time of their lives.

Next up, they listen to a scientist talking about an asteroid named Bennu that spits out rocks. Kamira says you don't believe something is real, it just is. Ben wants her help with his many problems.

Lexis is watching Melindas latest video. The influencer is advertising Makob.

Sister Andrea tells Kristen it's not working. Kristen asks Leo and Amalia how it's going, and they aren't excited about it. They're itching and stuff, too.

The demon is talking to Sister Andrea about her sexy ankles, and Leland sees her talking to the air, so Leland runs in to see Monsignor about Sister Andrea and her health issues.

Makob has doubled in price, so Sheryl brings in Taylor and Bobby and fires Taylor on the spot, but not before she poisons Taylor. Taylor is allergic to Brazil nuts, and Sheryl holds Taylor hostage to sign her resignation letter before she gets the epinephrine pen. Bobby gets the message.

Leo and Amalia get nasty and physical, with Amalia ultimately holding a knife to his throat. Fuck me now or I'll kill you. And he says she's so sexy now. The demon is there, and it's a really messed up threesome.

Kamira arrives to help Ben solve his problems. The next time he sees Kristen and David, they notice the difference.

Leo and Amalia are pleased with their progress and need no more help. But the demon is singing let me call you sweetheart and excited about their threesome.

Monsignor calls Sister Andrea into his office. Leland is there. He says she's got an instead gait and clumsiness. And hallucination. Sister Andrea wants to defend herself against Leland's claims, but they don't allow it. David and Kristen arrive next, and Monsignor asks Leland to step out. Monsignor then asks David to step out, leaving him alone with Kristen. He's asking if she's heard of any time that Sister Andrea has been talking with imaginary figures. No, not at all. She's been good.

Kristen thanks Sister Andrea for her help.


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Evil Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Leland: So, your goal this week is to get Makob to trade for $135 per coin.
Sheryl: Wait, $135 for what? It's not even real.
Leland: What is real?
Sheryl: OK. This desk, my purse, but not, but not that. I can sell anything, but if it's just there, how do I do that?

Sister Andrea: There's a demon in there.
David: There's... what does that mean?
Sister Andrea: It means there's a demon in there between them. It has its hands on their shoulders.
David: I didn't see anything.
Sister Andrea: Because you're not as good.