Time for Biscuits - Evil
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David is taking confessions. His first confessor is Victor. It aggravates David. But the Monsignor will be approaching him for an emergency assessment. When someone says honkytonk, David has to count to the 12th word spoken after that, as it is the word he needs to hear.

When Victor asks him to call a number with a ridiculous message, David wonders if it's all a game.

Kristen is in bed when the demon comes to her door. Long time, no see. He's got Lexis with him, and they're dancing.

She wakes and calls David. They need to talk. She needs clarification on what the hell is going on with Lexis and Victor. She also needs to know if David's pursuit of her is also by design. She's unsure if she should trust him any longer.

He promises to let her know about everything from now on. She feels pretty fucked over, though, and it's going to take a while for her to adjust to that.

She calls a friend to see if there's any news about her lost egg.

She got a summary judgment allowing their lawsuit. They admitted there's a 12th egg, and there was a bookkeeping error. It was donated to research, which could include donation to a couple.

A toyseller is getting returns. The toys he sells are different than the toys he receives.

The 12th word is matters. Grace Ling is alive.

Ben is at home with toys waiting for them to change. They do, from what I can see.

A Jack in the Box plays by itself. A magic ball says help me; I'm in hell and then shows a thumb. Ben begins to get a little freaked out, and he opens the ball. Sure enough, there is an appendage inside.

Kristen is dreaming again, or she's just afraid in her bed. She's moving strangely. She goes into the hallway to check things out, and continues to the stairs. She sees a shadow and investigates.

There's a demon baby in a carrier on her counter. She gives it its binky and breastfeeds it to stop its crying.

Oh, her friend's name is Yasmine. Yes, her egg was donated to another fertility clinic. It's been fertilized and implanted into another woman.

Kurt is playing that damned record and trying to write. There's a new image in the top. It's a demon charging after him with a hatchet.

Kurt got Sister Andrea's hair from her drain, and that didn't impress Leland. Leland wants to show Kurt a real possession, and hands him an invitation.

Kristen is meeting with the parents of her egg. Their lawyer is a piece of good. The couple seems quite nice and grateful, but poor guys don't know that they're getting a demon baby.

After they agree that Kristen can be a part of the baby's life, a girl, Sarah, the husband asks Kristen if they should worry about an egg from RSM Fertility.

When he listened to the baby's heartbeat, it sounded like a growl.

Kristen chats with Ben and asks if RMS Fertility might have deleted the empathy gene.

There is another possessed toy, and honkytonk is involved. David rushes back to his room and calls the number with the stupid message.

Leland wants Kurt to get possessed. Kurt is all too eager.

David is sure that he's got new information, and all Victor says is the message was delivered. David says, uh, nobody says honkytonk, so this could be the real message.

Kristen visits the baby's room. They get along well. The mother has been having wild dreams. Kristen said she had dreams like that too.

Logan is in the backyard, ripping out all of his plants. They're lethal, and the garden was a deathtrap.

Sheryl has brought Lexis to work to meet her boss. She's got biscuits, and Sheryl wants Lexis that the boss might not look like she expects.

Lexis has no reaction at all. She just exchanges pleasantry. Lexis says the manager only has two eyes, and Sheryl seems relieved.

Kurt is reading his message luring Satan to him when Sheryl reports that Lexis isn't the one. Leland disagrees.

David goes directly to the honkytonk couple and confronts the husband about his message. He gets a new message and delivers it to Victor. Victor says he's compromised them and gives him an address.

There's an in-person and virtual meeting about human subject 242357. David delivers the message to the person seated at the table. He redelivers his communications with another man.

There's a new version of the record, and Kurt is shirtless, writing like a fiend. He pounds his chest Tom Hanks' style I have made fire! and gets a boo from the demon in the bigtop.

Valerie is in distress. Kristen's got to go see her, but David stops her on her way out. They talk.

Kristen gets to the house, and the front door is open. Mozart is coming from the baby monitor. Logan is coming down the stairs, covered in blood, carrying a little rake. He had to cut it out, it was killing her.

The look on Kristen's face is far more expressive than anything we needed to see on the floor.

Grace Ling is there. She's been released and comes to thank David.

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Evil Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

David: This is all a game to you, isn't it?
Victor: A very serious game, and one we need to play to protect the holy.

David, I don't believe in God or the Church, but I liked that you did because it gave me something to aspire to, something to admire. But you're just like everyone else.