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Molly is convinced that the agency has taken her baby and she's determined to find out what they've done with it. 

Ethan can speak Japanese. John is flummoxed.

Sparks is continuing to be incredibly annoying.

Molly looks into Derek Pierce and why he lives in a $5.2 million apartment he got for a buck.

Kern's dad heard voices.

Sam finds that all Aruna records had replacement scans of their brains. It had something to do with mining, which connects to Claypool Industries.

Molly goes to see Pierce and he jumped off the penthouse balcony.

Kern continues to get high even after his mother expresses her concern.

Kryger confronts Kern about his hesitation in killing him.

The Woods take Ethan to see Yasumoto. There is talk about copying neural pathways to upload to a humanic's brain. Yasumoto and Molly disagree with John's decision to govern how quickly he learns. 

Julie starts to talk to Odin about Ethan when he prods about controlling. 

John is shocked Molly wants to see the baby. 

Molly arranges to have Katie's video shown on all his photos when she arrives asking where here baby is. She suggest Sparks get on hisf hands and knees to beg for Katie's forgiveness.

Odin runs sort of a counter-AI group. Yasumoto's gal pal who originally fought with John over them at his presentation is part of the group.

Molly follows Sparks and ends up at the Claypool offices again. 

Sparks is talking to Katie in the baby's incubator. Katie shows up.

APB on Molly in the building.

Kern arrives, grabs Molly. He has sided with Kryger!

John tries to tether Ethan. Ethan doesn't think so.

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Extant Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

There's more to heaven and earth than what can be dreamt of in our philosophy.


There's more to heaven and earth? Damn right there is. I've seen it.