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Tom, Hal and company rescue Ben this week, mostly thanks to Hal's plan.

He sneaks into the hospital where the kids are being held and using the sensitive spot inside the Skitter's mouth that Anne found in order to disable it as silently as possible. As a result, the team gets all the children out and brings them to Anne, who removes the harnesses and saves all their lives except one.

The episode ends with Ben awake, recognizing his father. Elsewhere:

- The Skitter being held captive by the 2nd Massachusetts kills Dr. Harris after Harris shines a light in its face.

- Uncle Scott tries to convince Anne to put a photo of her late son on the school's board. But Anne later admits she doesn't have any. It's unclear how Anne is related to Scott, but the topic of her son's death is a very sensitive topic for her.

- Margaret bonds a bit with other survivors.

- We also see sensitivity from Weaver. A certain songs brings up memories for him, as the camera focuses on a drawing by Sophia.

Falling Skies
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