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The 2nd Mass is attacked and separated by electronic fences that are dropped from the sky. 

Tom is held in solitary confinement and reunited with Weaver. Tom has found a way out of his room and does reconnaissance on the enemy. He's earning a reputation as a vigilante known as "Ghost." He recruits Weaver to help them find their family.

Matt is attending a re-education school and recruiting classmates to fight against the system.

Lexi has matured into a young lady and has control over a peaceful Chinatown. Maggie and Lourdes support her ways. Ben wakes up after recovering from his injuries and questions what's going on in the town.

Anne is leading a group of 2nd Mass and works to find her daughter. Lexi is able to communicate with her mother in her dreams. While trying to find weapons, Anne's group stops a truck and finds it filled with young children.

Falling Skies
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