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Tom decides that they need to get to the moon to destroy the Espheni's power source. Despite how crazy it sounds, the 2nd Mass gets behind the idea and works to move the rubble away from the ship.

Pope gets upset when he sees Sarah with a bottle of Vicodin after she hurts her wrist. He doesn't want to be around an addict. She confronts him about his inability to get close to someone. She tells him it was aspirin. She leaves to go on a food run and doesn't tell him.

Cochise leads Tom, Anne, Weaver and Matt to a hidden technology cache on a toxic site. Mira shows up there and says she escaped. Tom doesn't trust her and ties her wrists. Matt lets her go and she blows her whistle. It brings a ship to attack and a group of brainwashed teens. They all end up getting out alive though injured.

Ben helps Maggie adjust to her spikes. She loves the new power and abilities that she has. Ben and Maggie find they have an emotional connection. They feel how the other feels.

Maggie kisses Ben and Hal sees it. Ben pushes her away after she says she loved Hal before the spikes and didn't feel for him. Hal punches Ben and tells his brother to stay away from her.

Tom asks Anne to marry him and she says yes. They get married.

The whistle that Mira had uses a special frequency. The Volm uses it to raise the ship.They have a way to the moon.

Falling Skies
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Falling Skies Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Tom: I don't really know what "the rest" means, then I realized I don't really care. Whether it's a long time or a short time, I just want to spend it with you, if you'll have me.
Anne: That sounds like--
Tom: It is.
Anne: Oh my, God.
Tom: I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but will you marry me?
Anne: Yes.

We choose to go to the moon.