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Tom convinces the 2nd Mass that taking the ship to the moon is the best option. He plans on going up with Cochise until the others revolt and demand a drawing to determine who goes up.

Cochise ends up not being able to go because the ship recognizes him as Volm and won't work. 

Weaver finds Pope messing with the names and accuses him of taking his own name out. In fact, Pope was removing Weaver and Mason's names because the group need them on on the ground.

Tom draws Ben's name first and then his own name. He palmed his name and Anne gets angry at him for fixing the selection. 

Ben and Maggie kiss again. Hal's angry at first, but then forgives Ben.

Lexi's power gets stronger. Her Espheni father contacts his brother and is ordered to kill Lexi. She overhears the conversation and during training she kills him instead.

The Espheni attack the 2nd Mass and their ships are blown out of the air. It was Lexi. She saves her family and the the group.


Falling Skies
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