Hungry Christine Who Eats and Eats - Fantasy Island
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On the premiere of Fantasy Island, we meet Elena Roarke, who has followed in her uncle's footsteps to look after the island and all that it promises.

Roarke's guests include a woman named Christine who anchors a news program. When her stress gets the better of her on air, she goes to Fantasy Island to fulfill her fantasy, which is to eat anything and everything without ever gaining an ounce or breaking out or any of the other ugly things that go with eating nonstop.

Christine's fantasy plays out unexpectedly. Roarke pushes her to eat foods she once loved but doesn't any longer, and then she realizes that her overeating is tied to an abusive stepfather who treated her poorly in the wake of her father's death.

Once she puts it all together, she manages to curb her unending appetite so that she can enjoy other things in life again.

Roarke's other guests are Mel and Ruby, a married couple whose fantasy is to extend Ruby's life because she's dying of cancer.

They have no idea that their fantasy will not only extend her life but acts as a magical elixir that takes their physical forms back to they were when they first met.

Mel knows Ruby better than she knows herself, and when she encounters a young woman jogging along the beach, the attraction between the two is evident. Although Ruby at first denies that she was once in love with a woman, Mel has always believed it might be true.

But as her life winds down, he wonders if she should live out that part of her life. Ruby assures Mel that she has never regretted a second of their life together, but when Roarke discovers that Ruby's tattoo binds her to the island, Mel wants Ruby to stay and live another life, the kind that she didn't have with him.

Roarke is shocked at the tattoo. She thinks it's kismet that they were joined on the island. It's a hard decision, but Ruby says goodbye to her husband and prepares to work with Roarke ever after.


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