Man pitches a holiday campaign, but the boss wants something more sparkly. When the team leaves the room, the pitch man, Richard, offers to take the boss away for the holidays. She's resistant, and she's already booked Fantasy Island.

Ruby asks Elena if there's an Island Christmas party. Elena says it isn't something they do, but gives her permission to plan something.

Alison Holmes, the businesswoman arrives for her perfect Christmas. Along with her is Dr. Maya Powell to solve a mystery involving Mr. Jones, the dog.

Elena plans Alison's fantasy as a Festive Channel Christmas TV Movie. Elena is a fan of those movies as well, and, on a whim, decides to enter the fantasy with Alison.

Ruby plans a Secret Santa. Elena insists she add Dr. Gina to the list.

Elena meets with Dr. Powell. She's looking for her missing husband, Nathan Jones. She believes he is on the Island.

Maya reveals that Nathan created an implant and marketed it with his best friend, Tony. The implant killed some of the patients and Nathan ran away to the Island and became Mr. Jones, the dog.

Elena can't promise she can help Maya connect with her husband.

At the Snowglobe Inn, Alison spills her hot chocolate on a man in red flannel, Jake. He invites to her the tree trimming.

Ruby and Elena discuss Mr. Jones's situation while they wait for their next guest. It's Richard, Alison's pitch man.

Maya follows the map Elena gave her to look for her husband. She finds an over-water cabana filled with papers concerned with the patients who died due to the implant he developed.

Mr. Jones comes in. They watch old videos together.

Elena and Richard talk about his intentions. She offers to take him to Alison.

Alison and Jake are baking cookies together. Jake is perfect down to the last detail. Alison hears Richard's voice and hides.

Maya realizes Mr. Jones has Nathan's wedding ring on his collar. When she asks the dog who he is, he takes off.

Alison asks Elena to send Richard away, but Elena advises her to embrace the plot twist.

As Elena leaves, she runs into Jake and discovers the Island has made him the spitting image of James, her lost love.

As she exits the fantasy having a panic attack, Ruby finds her to draw for Secret Santa. Elena gets Segundo. Ruby gets Dr. Gina.

Richard meets Jake.

Elena talks to Segundo about how she may have imprinted on Alison's fantasy, creating the perfect man in the form of James/Jake. Just then, Maya comes to ask if her husband is now a dog.

Richard interrupts Alison and Jake's candlelit date. Alison tries to tell him he's an interloper but he insists he won't give up on them.

Elena returns to Alison's fantasy, looking for Jake, but runs into Alison.

Ruby sees Javier about Secret Santa. Javier gets Elena. He's not happy about it. They try to switch but the slip remains the same name as they first drew.

Maya finds Mr. Jones. She spills her heart to the dog and walks away. Suddenly, a voice calls her name and when she turns around, Nathan is standing there, possibly naked.

Elena finds Jake making a sandwich. She tells him about their history together. When he doesn't remember, she kisses him and he recognizes her again. She leads him out of the fantasy and to her home. When she tries to explain, he kisses her.

When Alison gets up, there's something wrong in the inn. Richard comes in and Alison accuses him of ruining her fantasy.

Elena and James chat in bed together. She worries but doesn't regret what she's done to the fantasy.

Ruby's thinking of gifts for Dr. Gina when she notices that it's snowing outside.

Javier and Segundo notice as well. Segundo is sure it has something to do with Elena's actions.

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Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I sell family -- joy, love, sparkle-sparkle? But, in my own life, I've never had any of that. My childhood was cold. Photo ops, not feelings. I don't remember having one truly merry Christmas.


Elena: I should tell you, the Island has changed your husband, significantly.
Maya: What does that mean?
Elena: It would be wise for you to keep an open mind when you go and you look for him.