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OA is undercover attempting to retrieve a massive bomb being offered by broker Curt. Curt is insistent that OA ride with him to pick up the bomb, to which OA agrees, against his team's wishes. Curt discovers his bomb-buildig partner shot dead and the bomb gone. Jubal promises his son Tyler he'll make it to his birthday party. Curt tells OA and Tiffany about another potential buyer, Nate, who didn't have the funds to pull it off. A license plate leads to a suspect, Jorge Rubio. But Rubio sold that car to a neighbor named Nathan three days prior. Nathan's shot housemate Tony dies before he can tell the team Nathan's plan. Nathan's target is Judge Edward Saunders, a speaker at a Federalist Society conference. Fearing political fallout, Isobel's bosses are hesitant to act. Nina and OA find Nathan's car, which had been stolen, but no bomb. Nathan carjacks another vehicle. Isobel approves evacuating the building where the conference is behind held. Security footage reveals that Nathan has planted the bomb in the basement. OA and Tiffany find the bomb. Isobel sends Jubal to oversee the search. The bomb tech  says he doesn't have time to disarm it. There are still 300 people in the building. OA has Tiffany bring up his SUV. OA successfully lifts the bomb. He leaves Tiffany and drives off with the bomb in his SUV. He bails out and runs with seconds to spare. The blast causes windows in the building to break. Scola spots Nathan and he and Tiffany give chase. Nathan takes a boy hostage and escapes by car. He holes up in a warehouse by the docks. Jubal distracts Nathan while Scola and Tiffany sneak in through a delivery door. Jubal arrives long after the party is over and Tyler is asleep. 

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FBI Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Curt: The damn thing can blow up a whole city block.
Nina: Is he bluffing?
Scola: I sure hope so.

Curt: Demand is strong, supply is weak. That's Economics 101, my brother.
OA: A hundred-percent bump in two days is not economics. That is robbery.
Curt: This inflation thing is real. Supply-chain issues, labor shortages, prices have skyrocketed.
Scola: That guy a bomb broker or an economist?