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A pawn shop is robbed, leaving two people dead, the owner and a police officer, Max Villa, a property-crimes detective. Nina wants to keep her relationship with Scola on the down-low.  Villa was investigating Logan Reid, who OA and Tiffany arrest. Reid shot a photo of the shooter's car. The team tracks the car and interrupts another robbery by the shooter. He escapes when Scola checks on Nina during a shootout. The tech team identifies Devjeet Kamra, an Ivy League dropout, as the shooter. His parents blames a girl he had been dating. He called them to ask for a $40,000 loan that morning. The girl was Skyler Smith, a high school senior, who is now missing after borrowing her mother's car. Scola and Nina find the shot-up car with blood on the window. Two men in hoodies abducted Skyler earlier in the day, throwing her into a car registered to Tito Martinez. They chase down Tito, and find Skyler's skin under his nails. Tito says that Dev had been running drugs for his boss, Ramon Cortez. Dev had panicked and dumped drugs into the sewer when cops were following him. Ramon kidnapped Skyler to make Dev pay for the drugs. The team finds Cortez's body. Nina locates the security system which reveals a shootout between Dev and Cortez. Dev was gut-shot but rescued Skyler. He goes to his parents' house for treatment then steals their car. Skyler grabs the gun from Dev and they take a pregnant hostage and she holds off the agents, taking three more hostages while holing up in a garage. OA negotiates with Skyler while Dev is fading. Nina goes in pretending to be a paramedic. Dev passes out. Nina gets Skyler to enter the office where a sniper kills her. Dev survives after surgery.


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FBI Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Scola: I just wanted to make sure you were OK.
Nina: Well, it was dangerous and irrational of you.

My brother is not a bad guy, I swear.

Harita [to Tiffany]