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In a pre-apocalyptic flashback of the hotel, were introduced to Elana, the manager of the hotel. During a wedding reception, the father of the bride dies and reanimates moments later and attacks. Elana, in attempting to contain the situation, locks everyone in the ballroom. Alycia still searches for Ofelia and is overrun by infected. She is saved by Elana who explains that other guest have taken her nephew Hector. Elana eventually helps Alycia lure infected from the stairwell so they can make their way to the ground floor. Alycia searches the bar for Madison but is nowhere to be found. They encounter the other guests, who turn out to be the brides mother and husband who were locked in the ballroom earlier. Alycia opens the door housing the infected in the bar and they pour out. Alycia, Elana and Hector attempt to escape but end up cornered by infected. They are eventually rescued by Strand and Madison. Elsewhere, Travis and Chris are on their own. Chris encounters three young men in an abandoned store and saves one of them from an infected, but flees with Travis afterwards. Travis and Chris camp for the night. However the three young men from earlier, Brandon, Derek and Baby James, find them. Brandon offers them food and a ride to the next town in exchange for Chris having saved his life. While driving, Chris spots a farm in the distance. Chris and the boys search the barn, while Travis discovers the farm is no abandoned. When Travis goes to inform the boys in the barn, they are all held at gunpoint by the farmer. After a brief standoff, Chris ends up shooting the farmer in the chest. Travis watches in horror as the man dies.
Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Chris: I can protect myself, you know that. I'm good at this.
Travis: That's what worries me.

Predators find prey.