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The dead have infiltrated the beach awfully fast. And the beach looks a lot closer than it did in the Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 finale.

A grief stricken Chris won't move to the water. Nick is manning the small water craft getting them to the yacht. Finally, it's accomplished. And amazingly, they have Liza's body with them.

All aboard the Abigail, they run into survivors on the water. It's turned into hell out there relatively quickly, hasn't it?

Only Nick and Alicia seem to be asking the pertinent questions while the adults worry in various ways.

Alicia is listening to the CB (?) when she hears a young guy on the radio. He talks to her on Channel 16. There is a cool song playing. Five Years from Ziggy Stardust. You know him. David Bowie. The dude seems to hear as she presses the button, asks if whoever is on the other side is shy, noting it's probably an odd time to be shy at this point in the world.

Chris and Daniel do some fishing. Why aren't animals affected again? I forget.

Alicia starts talking with dude, and he shares he's in a cove where the fish aren't biting. He won't tell him where he is, though. She understands. They talk about where they were when it started, Alicia noting it was over before it started.

Madison goes upstairs to investigate, see where Strand is. She thinks she hears music on the water. He assures her sound carries strange on the water. She thinks if they're all clear, they should take care of Liza.

The more Alicia tells the stranger on the radio, the more it seems like a) she's wasting battery charge and b) she's going to get the entire crowd in trouble.

Daniel thinks Strand had some knowledge of some sort, questions why he was packed before they got to his house. He doesn't trust Strand. Madison wants to give him the benefit of the doubt because he saved them.

Travis says words for Liza. Her feet are tied together and she's wrapped in a sheet, but her head appeared to be in one piece. Travis talked about Chris. Chris walked up and tossed her overboard.

Father and son have words afterward. Chris certain he could have fixed it.

Ah, Alicia's friend has a name. Jack. They're taking on water. Alicia wants to go get him. She promises they'll go get him. Alicia goes to Travis. Stand comes in. Who the hell is Jack?

Strand lays out the rules of the boat, which are, essentially, there are no rules other than his. Carry on.

Nick goes to see Strand. Alicia is just trying to help. Saving those who don't matter to the boat doesn't help anyone. Everyone on the boat has to contribute. Nick wonders why he's here.

Madison talks to Chris. She understands, but she also tells him if Travis hadn't done to Liza what he did, she would have. She will never let that happen to someone she loves. Hearing she loved Liza might have made a difference. Or not.

Chris walks past the family as they're dining. He walks out and jumps into the water. Nick sees and immediately jumps in after him without hesitation.

Chris says what the hell? He wanted a swim. Come in. the water's fine.

Alicia tells Jack they can't come get him. It's too dangerous. He says it's OK. He's got her. He's on his way. Shiiit.

In perfect "Get out of the water, Get out, Get out of there" Jaws fashion, the dead are all around Nick and Chris. Those bastards can swim! Madison and Travis are freaking out. There is a sunken, fiery boat nearby. Nick in in the wreckage, breathing under a tiny hull. Nick battles swimmers in there. They're not walkers anymore! Travis is on his way to him. It's awesome.

Seriously, it's better than I ever imagined. Big smile on this girl's face! Alicia has kept her guilty mouth shut, not bothering to inform Strand what she heard.

Now Strand has a line of a beep on their way to the boat. It's going 25 knots. The Abigail can only do 20 if it's hauling.

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