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For days and nights, Troy aimlessly wanders the desert. He finds a farmhouse and is able to locate some food that he's in desperate need of. As he continues to search the home, he eventually comes across a secret compartment behind a wall where a grenade launcher is revealed.

Troy uses the one bullet in his gun, firing it into the air and attracting the attention of an unseen amount of infected.

At the ranch, Nick confides in Alicia that he is having difficulty sleeping. He worries knowing that Troy is still out there and poses a threat to the community.

Later that night, Nick wakes from his sleep after hearing a noise. When he goes to look outside, Troy appears. Having secretly made his way back to the ranch, Troy warns that something is coming and that he wants to show it to his brother Jake.

Troy locks Nick out of the house. Nick attempts to run around to the front of the house, but by the time he gets there, Troy is already gone.

The next morning, Jake attempts to convince Alicia to leave with him and find another place to live, feeling that the ranch is now a lost cause. Alicia refuses, saying that she is willing to fight for the ranch. Jake asks what she is fighting for, to which Alicia has no response.

Nick interrupts, and reveals his meeting with Troy the night before. Jake and Nick agree on going to find Troy before he does anything stupid. Before he leaves with Nick, Alicia tells Jake that everything she has done for the ranch, has been for Jake.

While driving Jake takes out a gun, intent on killing Troy and putting an end to his madness.

They eventually locate Troy, who has been using the grenade launcher to guide an enormous horde of infected towards the ranch.

Nick attempts to talk sense into Troy, but he fires one last rocket, putting the infected on a direct course for the ranch.

Jake attacks Troy and holds him at gunpoint. Nick pleads with Jake to reconsider. Before Jake can pull the trigger, Nick intervenes by knocking Jake on the head with the butt of his rifle, sending him tumbling down a hill into the oncoming infected.

Jake attempts to fight them off, but is bitten on the arm. After Troy and Nick dispatch some infected, Nick amputates Jake's arm with a machete, in an attempt to stop the infection.

Nick is able to contact Alicia and warns of the approaching horde. Alicia and Ofelia are able to forge a last stand against the horde, but they are forced to all retreat into the pantry when they are overwhelmed by infected.

Nick attempts to get Jake back to the ranch to save his life, but he dies from blood loss. When he reanimates, Troy is forced to put him down.

Nick tells Troy that they now have to figure out a way to save everyone that Troy just tried to kill.

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Jake, you'll never live it down.


Troy: I need some sleep.
Nick: No, we got to find a way to save everyone you tried to kill. You can sleep when you're dead.