Don't mess with Madison - Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10
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Due to heat exhaustion and dehydration from his punishment, Nick begins to hallucinate conversations with Troy, who taunts him.

Nick is eventually released, and Alicia helps Nick back to their place to recover.

That night while he sleeps, Nick is approached by the remaining members of the militia, who reveal that they admire Nick for standing up to Walker's men with Troy and now look to him for leadership in Troy's absence.

Nick is hesitant at first, but eventually takes up the position of militia as everyone respects him and are willing to follow him in hopes of a revolt against Walker.

Madison reveals the Ranch's depleting water resources to Walker, who in turn informs Madison of a trading outpost he has heard of that may solve their problem.

Madison decides to go with Walker to the outpost, leaving Alicia to oversee the rationing of water throughout the ranch and tells her to not tell anyone about the water shortage.

Later on, tensions rise among the community as some members attempt to take more than their fair share of water. To prevent chaos, Alicia admits to the water shortage. Unfortunately, this only makes matters worse. Just as everyone goes into panic, some of Walker's men resolve the situation by stating that they will take over the well.

This doesn't sit well with Nick, who stands up to them and flashes a handgun that was previously given to him by the other members of the militia. Ofelia convinces the others to stand down and they leave.

Nick and the militia plan to disarm some of Walker's men, but Nick notices Alicia helping others dig for water and abandons the plan in favor of helping. The militia and Walker's men eventually follow suit and pitch in with the effort.

Madison and Walker arrive at the trading outpost and are granted entry in exchange for Madison's radio. Once inside, they locate the contact who supposedly has access to a water supply. Walker uses gold to barter with in order to agree on a deal for water.

Madison suddenly comes upon Strand, who is being taken away by two men for owing a debt. Madison and Walker help Strand get away but they are all forced to retreat to Strand's secret location.

The following morning, Strand confides in Madison about the dam, however Walker gives up Strand in order to reestablish their water deal.

Meanwhile, Madison goes behind Walker's back and uses the rest of his gold to pay off Strand's debt and get him off the hook. Walker is furious, but Madison assures him that Strand knows of a place that has all the water they will ever need.

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Walker: He knew this was happening?
Madison: He was documenting it.
Walker: A fraud to the end.

My mother named me Victor, because she knew I'd always win.