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Following the aftermath of Jeremiah Otto's "sacrifice", Broke Jaw Ranch and the Black Hat Reservation form an uneasy truce.

With Walker's people low on resources, they move into the ranch. Naturally, this causes a rift amongst the ranch's inhabitants.

As a sign of trust, Jake gives Walker one of two keys to the Ranch's armory and food reserves. With both keys needing to be used simultaneously, one group cannot access the bunker without the other.

The presence of Walker's people does not sit well with many at the ranch. When one ranch member reaches the breaking point and attempts to shoot one of Walker's men, Nick intervenes and prevents things from escalating.

Walker now fearful for his people's safety, forces Jake's hand to confiscate everyone's weapons, except for Walker's men.

As Walker, Madison and Nick go to Troy's place to obtain his weapons, but he is reluctant to give up his weapons and be defenseless against Walker's people.

Troy pulls a gun on them and force them to retreat, but Nick stays behind to attempt to talk some sense into Troy.

When it appears that Troy is about to submit, someone opens fire on the house and Nick gets thrown into the ensuing firefight.

Troy attempts to get Nick to help him fight back, but he refuses. Nick continues to continues to attempt to talk Troy down, but to no avail.

With no options left, and thinking they are both about to die, Nick comes clean and admits to Troy that he was the one that he killed Jeremiah, and wasn't forced to commit suicide by Walker as originally thought.

This revelation causes Troy to surrender. As punishment, Troy is exiled from the community by Walker. Madison convinces Walker to not exile Nick, but is thrown into a hot box as punishment for supposedly colluding with Troy.

Madison breaks into a locked drawer in Jeremiah's desk and discovers documents that show the ranch only has a few weeks worth of water supply left.

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Alicia: It's not helpful to Jake or the peace if you backchannel with Walker.
Madison: I don't.
Alicia: Lying's not useful, mom.

Fear creates fury, fury creates blood.