Ace In The Hole - Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15
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Nick has been collecting infected heads to sell to the harvester back at the trading outpost in exchange for money. Troy arrives and tells Nick that heard of an impending attack on the dam and the two race off to warn them.

Madison discusses with Strand on whether or not she can still build a future for her and her family in this world. Strand insists that they can all start over.

While Alicia and the lady with the pickaxe are driving to the trading outpost, their vehicle is hit by another truck with scavengers who attempt to steal their supplies while they are dazed. Alicia fights them off as they flee but not before her friend is injured.

Alicia brings her to the trading outpost and the doctor there tends to her wound. He then asks for Alicia's help with assisting him during surgery with another patient, Alicia then realizes that the patient is Procter John, the leader of the group.

It's revealed that Procter John has a tumor on his spine that is causing paralysis in his legs and that the doctor needs help during the surgery. He tells Alicia that if the surgery is unsuccessful, his men have orders to kill her and the doctor.

During the surgery, Alicia talks to Procter John and keeps him calm and distracted, as he must remain fully awake during the procedure.

At the dam, Walker and Crazy Dog bid farewell to Madison as they intend to head north to look for more of their people. After they leave,  Nick arrives and informs everyone of the impending attack. Strand later approaches Nick and tells him that he made a deal with Procter John to ensure Nick and his mother's safety, but that they must leave the dam immediately.

Nick visits Daniel, who interrogates Nick for the truth about who lead the horde to the ranch, Nick continues to lie to Daniel in order to protect Troy, but Daniel sees right through it.

Eventually, Nick is able to convince Daniel that Jake was behind it all, and Daniel lets him leave.

Nick goes to Madison and Troy to tell them about Strand's waring to leave. Troy confesses to Madison that he was behind the horde attack on the ranch. Enraged, Madison smashes Troy's head with a hammer, killing him.

Lola and Daniel find that the water is flowing where it is not supposed to and attempt to fix the issue.

Strand pulls a gun on Lola and Daniel in the control room, revealing his betrayal. Daniel doesn't believe Strand has what it takes to kill a man and attempts to grab the gun from him. After a brief scuffle, Strand shoots Daniel in the face, but the bullet only grazes him.

While Lola tends to an injured Daniel, Strand flees to find Madison and Nick and leads them to a place to hide for the time being.



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Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

That horde did not materialize out of thin air. Every herd needs a shepherd.


Proctor John: You're a tough kid.
Alicia: You have no idea.