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At the Diamond, Naomi attempts to leave in one of their trucks but is caught. When Madison questions Naomi she claims that she didn't intend to leave, but rather knew of a place that might have supplies and wanted to go by herself.

Madison and Strand decide to accompany Naomi, where they stop at an abandoned motel for the night. Upon further questioning, Naomi reveals that she did actually intend to leave the group, but was going to leave them the map to the building housing the supplies. 

Due to Naomi's deception, Strand forces her to give him the keys to their truck in order to prevent her from trying to ditch them.

The following morning, Madison and Strand wake to find that Naomi has left anyway, having hot-wired a car. Madison and Strand follow the map left by Naomi and follow her, where Strand comes clean to Madison about him stashing the truck with food in case something went awry at the stadium.

Naomi arrives at the supply building and finds that it has yet to be ransacked by the Vultures, but is flooded with walkers. Naomi locates a supply chest and finds a key labeled "JIC."

Naomi ends up getting trapped on a scaffold when she becomes surrounded by walkers with no way out. Strand and Madison arrive and help Naomi escape.

Naomi reveals that her daughter Rose developed pneumonia and Naomi went to search for antibiotics, but by the time she came back, her daughter had died and turned.

Naomi reveals that the key she found goes to a truck containing food, fertilizer and other resources.

The group heads back to the stadium with a full truck of supplies, much to the dismay of Mel and the Vultures. Seeing that it's pointless to continue waiting with Madison' newfound supplies, Mel has his group pack it up and leave The Diamond. However, before leaving, Mel warns Madison that the worst things happen when you least expect it.

After pondering Strand's confession regarding his hidden truck in case things go awry, Madison has Alicia put a truck together with food and supplies, "Just in case."

In the present timeline, Luciana, Strand and Alicia load up on their weapons in preparation to take on the Vultures. Morgan and John arrive trying to convince the group to reconsider their plan.

Suddenly, the Vultures arrive and a standoff ensues.

A truck approaches in the distance -- the same truck that Madison had Alicia put together. To everyone's surprise, it's Naomi that emerges from the truck, insinuating that Naomi is working with the Vultures.

In shock of seeing each other, John and Naomi embrace. However, Alicia is infuriated by Naomi's betrayl and attempts to shoot her, but John instinctively tries to protect Naomi, and is shot.


Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Madison: [regarding the Vultures] They don't give up easy.
Strand: No, they don't.

Alicia: You rig this yourself?
Althea: Thought I was the one asking the questions.
Alicia: How many rounds does it fire?
Althea: Enough.
Alicia: What's the spread like?
Althea: I know what you're thinking, but my guns aren't for hire and my bullets aren't for sale.