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Madison stumbles upon a person in the woods who is revealed to be Althea. Madison tries to convince Althea to let her use her armored truck to search for her family. Madison ties up Althea and steals her cassette tapes and camera and takes off. Madison looks through all of the cassettes but doesn't find Nick or Alicia on any of them, becoming frustrated.

Althea eventually catches up with Madison and holds her at gunpoint, and says she will let her go if she gives Althea her story. Madison agrees and is filmed.

Holding up her end of the bargain, Althea gives Madison her gun back along with a few cups of dry noodles during her travels while trying to locate her family, and they go their seperate ways.

Madison later finds Strand, Alicia, Luciana and Nick in a motel, and they stumble upon the stadium. The entire meeting between Madison and Althea leads the audience to believe that the encounter takes place following the fall of the stadium, but it actually takes place following the fall of the dam in Season 3.

In the present timeline, John's condition worsens as Althea uses the armored truck's guns to clear a path of the walkers in the stadium so that Naomi and Morgan can gain access to the infirmary. However, Alicia, Strand and Luciana arrive and attack the group.

Naomi and Morgan find the medical suppliers and attempt to return to the truck but are pinned down. Alicia infiltrates the truck and holds Charlie hostage, but Althea gains the upper hand and the two begin to scuffle. During the fight, some cups of noodles are knocked over and Alicia recognizes them from when Madison found them at the motel. Alicia also finds a cassette labeled: AMINA, which we discover through Madison's previous recorded video was the name their family gave a bird that flew into their window while on vacation in the mountains.

Alicia watches the video of Madison' story and confronts Naomi, but Morgan stands in her way. Morgan tries to convince Alicia that this is not the life Madison wanted for her and that things can change. Alicia reluctantly gives up her gun to Morgan and Naomi is able to get back to the truck and help save John.

John recovers from his injuries as Naomi reveals to him that hear real name is actually June.

Later on, the group sits by a campfire as Alicia, Strand, Luciana and June explain what happened to Madison. After the stadium was flooded with walkers, the inhabitants of the stadium that were fending off the walkers didn't think the walls would hold and tried to flee, however they were surrounded by walkers Madison used a flare to lead the horde back into the stadium so that everyone could escape.

Madison had no way of making it out and set the entire stadium on fire using the flare, killing herself in the process. The group comes to an understanding of one another and set their differences aside.

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

You think you've been through a lot? Lady you got no idea.


Alicia: Who'd you like that RPG?
Althea: Nice try bitch!