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Following the war with the Saviors, Morgan leaves the group and lives at the Heapster dump. He receives visits from Jesus, Carol and Rick whom all attempt to convince Morgan to rejoin them, but he declines.

Morgan decides to leave Virginia, and by way of on foot and car, he eventually makes his way to Texas, where he encounters a gunslinger named John Dorie. The two are eventually caught by a menacing group that threaten to kill them, until a woman named Althea appears in an armored S.W.A.T. van and saves them.

Althea reveals that she was a journalist, and in return for saving them she asks to interview them to find out mrer about them. John tells Althea that he has been looking for a woman named Laura whom he was seperated from.

Morgan on the other hand declines to tell his story.

When Morgan attempts to leave, the three of them are ambushed by the same group from earlier, having tracked them down.

Morgan, John and Althea work together to take them out along with a horde of walkers, however Morgan is shot in the leg during the process.

Morgan later attempts to leave again, but runs into trouble with some walkers until he is saved by John.

After realzing that he is in no condition to be on his own, he decides to stick with John and Althea until he heals. Morgan now feels he owes Althea an interview and tells her about his time in Atlanta and Virginia.

As the trio travel in the truck, they stop when they see someone in the middle of the road. When they get out to investigate, the woman in the road turns out to be Alicia, and are ambushed by Nick, Strand and Luciana and held at gunpoint.

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Athea: Tell me one real thing, then we'll call it even. Why'd you leave?
Morgan: ... I lose people, and then I lose myself.

Althea: Your name?
Morgan: Morgan Jones.
Althea: Where did you come from?
Morgan: Atlanta and Virginia.
Althea: How'd you get here.
Morgan: I ran ... and I walked, drove ... and I walked again.