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The group wonder whether to contact Ginny for help. 

After some deliberation, they make their way into Humbug's Gulch and dispatch all of the walkers. 

Everyone then unites for the wedding of John and June. 

They say their vows, get married and prepare to battle. 

Ginny arrives and they all have their guns. Morgan pleads with her to take everyone, regardless if they are sick. 

Ginny agrees, but says that Morgan will be last. 

Everyone gets split up to move on. Morgan is last with Ginny and she says his punishment is that he is not going with them. 

She shoots him in the chest. After that, he manages to get up and she goes to shoot him again, but it's not a gun with a bullet. 

Instead, she goes to whack him. 

She gets a message saying that Grace is not dying -- she's pregnant. 

Ginny decides to leave Morgan out in the open, wounded as walkers make their way to him. 

We are supposed to believe he's dead, but you never know with this. 

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

I hope to god you die.


Ginny: Glad you called, Morgan. Glad as a grandma with a gravy boat.
Morgan: Wasn't sure you were going to be in range.
Ginny: Well, now that you got some that Texas T on tap, we're running generators with repeaters from here to Pecos, so yeah, we are always in range. I told you the future wasn't across that bridge Morgan. I did try. But no use crying over spilled milk, right? Tell me where you are.
Morgan: In a place called Humbug's Gulch.
Ginny: You pulling my leg right now? That gulch is one of the biggest settlements I ever came across. 263 souls.