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Althea tries to make a run for it from her captor. 

She hides the tape, and makes her way to a stream. She is caught. 

Althea tells the woman to tell her everything, but she declines. 

The woman later tells her she works for an important company who are ready to save the world, but she doesn't want to know the people. 

This makes Al even more intrigued to learn more. But she helps Isabelle find a way to get fuel for her helicopter to make an escape. 

In the end, the woman tries to kill her, but Al and Isabelle wind up locking lips. 

Al then returns to the others and tells them that the story she was chasing is worthless. 

She even lies about where she's been, not telling them anything. 

But Al is happy to learn that the kids are working with them now, and they have more people.

Fear the Walking Dead
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