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Alicia and Morgan go on a mission to find out more about Althea's disappearance. In their travels, they come across Grace, a woman who worked at a local powerplant. 

She warns them of the dangers of radiation-filled zombies and tells them to clean themselves every time they touch one. 

At first, Alicia is skeptical of her motives, but she slowly starts to warm to the woman who is trying to find and put down all of the zombies who had radiation. 

In the end, she goes off on her own but promises to keep in contact via walkie talkie. 

Luciana communicates with Strand through radio, but she starts to have mysterious visions. The radio tower is destroyed, and she passes out after going on the run from a group of walkers. 

Walker head and guts are popping up everywhere at the close of the episode. 

John Dorie and his girlfriend go off on their own mission, and it leads to some shocking developments, including a group of the dead in a house. 


Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Luciana: I'm high from the drugs because of my injury and talking shit, aren't I?
John: Yes, now take this gun, we're leaving you alone.

If you're watching this, it means I probably didn't make it.