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Morgan and Alicia lead the group to search for Logan, the only person asking for assistance. 

They take a small plane, piloted by Althea, but it crash lands. Luciana is injured, but everyone miraculously survives. 

They meet three kids who say that this land is filled with horrors that are not just from the undead. 

The kids have enough of listening to the heroes, and go off on their own, much to the chagrin of everyone else. 

June manages to save Luciana's life. 

When they make it to the truck stop, they realize that nobody has been there for months. Logan radios them from the denim factory. 

He confirms he is the "L" in C & L, and that he's taking the factory back. His plan was to lead the team so far away that he could take it back. 

Strand and the people who stayed back are thrown out. Alicia flips out, and goes slicing and dicing zombies. 

She also finds a radiation warning sign. 

Althea finds a walker in a suit, and it piques her interest. She goes back to the scene of the crash, and finds herself getting electrocuted and kidnapped. 

Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Alicia: How far to the truck stop?
Morgan: I don't know. We may be ten, fifteen miles from the touchdown site.
Alicia: We're not going to make it in time.
Morgan: No, we will make it.

Max: Don't be scared.
Dylan: I'm not scared. Is it going to be loud?
Max: No. It won't be loud. Actually, I'm completely lying. It's going to be one of the louder things you've ever heard. Louder than when Dad's barbecue exploded.
Dylan: Annie said there was a crowd of growlers nearby.
Max: That's the next problem we'll handle.
Max: Dylan, you can do this.