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Morgan awakens at the train track. He's killed hordes of walkers and tells Madison he has lapses in his memory and is seeing red.

Madison vows to help him, but they know they face an uphill battle.

Through various flashes, we learn that Morgan is killing anything in his wake when he has these blackouts.

Morgan and Madison prepare for a battle with Shrike to save everyone, but Shrike is shocked by her father's corpse and lets him bite her.

Dwight and Sherry are upset to learn that their son is dying and there's no more they can do to help him, so they push through, bury him and decide to split up after years together.

Madison helps Morgan realize the dead are never truly gone and he buries Grace next to Eastman. He then says goodbye to Madison and embarks on a mission to find Rick.

Madison tells the parents and the kids she has a boat and will attempt to reunite everyone with their families, and everyone seems interested.

In an epilogue scene, someone on a boat is shown to have the hammer that killed Troy, Alicia's arm, and Strand's glasses.

We don't know who it is but we know they're on a mission to find Madison since they're listening to all the news she's saying on the radio.


Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Sherri: There's a fight coming.
Dwight: Okay. What kind of fight?
June: One we can't win without you. This guy Troy. He's got a score to settle with Madison, and he plans on settling it by taking over PADRE.
Dwight: Oh, it sounds like Madison's fight to me.
June: Yeah, well... she made it ours. She's M.I.A. And she left Strand in charge.
Dwight: Victor's still alive?
June: A lot has happened since you left.

Dwight: Yeah, w-what does any of this have to do with me? I'm... I'm just a little confused here.
Sherri: You trained every kid on the island. They'll listen to you. They trust you. There's nothing that I could say or... or do that you couldn't do better. And what... Dwight: You. Why... Why are you here?
Dove: PADRE is the only home I've ever known. Without it... I don't... I got nothing.