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Picks up the morning after the last episode. David and Elizabeth discuss Carter and the Lori situation.

Cater fields a phone call from Lori's doctor, leading to a disagreement with Taylor. Carter leaves to see Max, Taylor reminds her of the charity event that evening.

Carter fills Max, Bird, and Madison in on Lori's suicide attempt. She tells them she won't be visiting Lori, but Madison thinks she should.

Max and Carter discuss her going to the hospital more -- he thinks it's a bad idea but agrees to take her anyway.

Taylor gets a call from Max  and she is upset that Elizabeth would skip the pageant because of Lori. Elizabeth eventually agrees to stay in town.

Carter reminisces about Lori and contemplates opening the letters from Lori.

David and Elizabeth share a moment as they discuss Carter and Lori.

Carter is reading the letters and feeling responsible for Lori's suicide attempt. Max reassures her.

Flashback: Lori wakes little Carter up after a nightmare about losing her, and then tells Carter they're moving because the lady across the hall gave her candy. She makes Carter pack everything in 20 minutes and leave the rest behind.

Taylor is being fitted for a dress, she's annoyed that Lori's interfering with her life again. 

Kyle wants to take Elizabeth to dinner. Elizabeth turns him down, citing other obligations.

Madison reveals to Bird that Lori sent her to Carter. Bird invites Madison to the country club.

Flashback:  Little Carter gets stung by a bee, and Lori takes care of her. Lori promises to take care of Carter forever, and Carter promises the same.

At the hospital, Carter realizes that Lori was likely ill the whole time she was in Lori's custody. She decides to visit with Lori after all.

Max is afraid that Lori will mess with Carter again. Carter explains why she has to see Lori.

Gammy, Elizabeth, and Taylor arrive at the country club to prepare, but Elizabeth leaves to call David

Damon and Gabe are waiters. The country club moms are gossiping about Bird.  Madison confronts them.

The doctor speaks to Max and Carter about Lori and her condition. 

Lori and Carter discuss their past and Lori's actions.

Elizabeth has a discussion about Kyle with Gabe at the bar.

As Taylor, Bird, and Madison discuss Carter, an employee tries to eject Bird.  Gammy saves the day.

Carter feels guilty and tells Lori she loves her. Lori is unresponsive until Carter leaves. The whole thing was a manipulation. 

Madison tries to call Lori. 

David arrives at the club. He spoke to doctor. Taylor is shocked that Carter saw Lori. She wishes Lori had managed to kill herself.

Kyle shows up at the charity event. Gabe tries to mess things up between Gabe and Elizabeth. 

Carter is crying on the way back home. Max pulls over. They kiss. 

Carter wakes up in the back of Max's truck. They did more than kiss. 

Elizabeth talks to Taylor about accepting Lori's importance to Carter. 

Kyle wants Elizabeth to come back to his place, but Elizabeth turns him down.  She walks away and over to David.

Bird and Madison talk about Bird's parents and Carter, and about their "date".  Bird kisses Madison.

Carter and Max arrive home.  Max tries to discuss what happened, but Carter tells him to just forget it.

Taylor apologizes to Carter. They reaffirm that they love each other.  Carter looks miserable.


Finding Carter
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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Elizabeth: Lori doesn't deserve her
David: Liz, I know you're afraid, but she's coming back. She's ours. Yours and mine.

Why does it look like a beauty pageant blew up in my house?!