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Carter tries to get out of her punishment.  There's going to be a family dinner for Elizabeth's birthday.  An old acquaintance of Carter's shows up.

It's Madison, an old friend who has been kicked out by her parents.

Max  and Taylor have a talk.  When Madison and Carter come down, Madison greets "Max-imillian" with an enthusiastic kiss. 

Madison is a lesbian, so it's okay.  She then reveals that Max witnessed an attack on his mother when he was little.

Carter and Taylor are still hiding the truth about the accident from Elizabeth.  

Grant is less than happy about the family dinner.

Elizabeth and David disagree about Carter's punishment.

Madison catches Carter up on the gossip from their old school.  Madison was thrown out for being gay. Madison wants to read Lori's letters. Carter give in to a plan to sneak out.

Grant arrives back at the house.  Gammy is invited to stay for dinner

Madison wants Carter to move her into a loft with her. Madison's been talking with Lori.

Taylor's mad that Max didn't share his entire past with her.  

Hilary shows up to drop off some papers, putting a damper on David and Elizabeth's cooking party.

Max shares his story with Taylor.  He feels responsible for the incident.  His dad was the assailant.  

Kyle shows up.  David and Elizabeth are a little drunk and flirty.  Hilary leaves after a discussion with David about cooling it.  Carter and Madison are caught on the front porch.

Kyle leaves too.  Carter is in more trouble.  Madison mentions her plan for her and Carter to get an apartment.  No one else thinks it's a good idea.  Grant gets a little lippy, Elizabeth and Gammy argue over who is parenting him.

Madison and Carter argue about Madison's behavior.  Carter acknowledges that her bio-family is important to get.  Madison thinks she's avoiding her past.  Carter tells her to leave.

Elizabeth and Gammy fight about the kids, and Gammy faints.  

Gammy recovers, everyone is concerned.  

Max shows up to pick up Madison.  Madison and Carter apologize to each other.

Dinner is burnt.  David supports Elizabeth about Gammy. Grant made a cake, so he's going to stay at the house.  David's going to stay too.

Taylor and Carter have a discussion about their futures and staying connected

Time for cake for dinner and family bonding.  Carter gets her phone back.. There's a message from the hospital--Lori tried to kill herself.


Finding Carter
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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Madison: We'll get jobs! You know, figure out a way to make it work.
Carter: Okay, that is what strippers say right before they become hookers.

David: Liz, I know you're afraid when she's out of your sight.
Elizabeth: No, that's not it.
David: Sure it is
Elizabeth: Every mother is afraid for her children
David: Not all mothers have to deal with kidnappings