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Carter and Max discuss telling Taylor about their recent liason. 

Elizabeth and David receive papers to make their separation official.

Taylor and Carter decide to go to Gammy's cabin, and to invite Max.

Taylor invites Max, it's hella awkward. 

Madison, Bird, Gabe, and Damon show up to crash the camping trip.

On the ride to the cabin, Carter is contemplative as everyone discusses Max and Taylor.

In the other car, Max fills Taylor in on the visit to the hospital. She feels bad she wasn't there for Carter.

The teens sort out sleeping arrangements and such, and Taylor apologizes to Carter, making Carter feel terrible.

Bird and Madison flirt on the porch, while Damon and Gabe discuss the the two girls. Damon tries to suss out their relationship status.

Hillary shows up at the house, but David isn't there. Elizabeth invites her to wait. 

Madison and Carter talk about Lori, and about the merits of lying to people to protect them. Carter tells Madison about Max.

Madison reassures Carter about what happened. Carter decides to tell Taylor when they return home.

Bird figures out the secret after talking to Madison.

Elizabeth tells Hillary stories about David, and it's obvious she still has feelings for him.

Max and Carter agree to tell Taylor the first chance they get.

Madison, Bird, and Gabe talk about Kyle, Elizabeth, and David. He and Damon figure out the secret as well. There's debate over to tell Taylor or not. 

Gabe didn't spill to Taylor. The kids watch the first Insidious movie, and decide to go night swimming.

Max and Carter are watching Damon, Bird, Madison, and Taylor splash around when Gabe approaches and confronts them about having sex with each other. Damon intervenes and throws Gabe to the ground. Taylor walks Gabe in. Max and Carter realize everyone knows.

After Max goes to stop Gabe from telling Taylor, Madison admits to Carter that she was with Lori while she was on the run. Carter is outraged. 

Gabe warns Taylor to be careful with Max, when Max walks in. 

Elizabeth and David talk about Hillary, and Elizabeth leave to meet up with Kyle.

Max and Taylor discuss their relationship. She thinks he slept with Bird. He chickens out of telling her.

Carter and Max go over whether to tell Taylor or not once more.

David and Elizabeth are looking over the papers and he fixes her necklace. She says she wishes they weren't signing the papers. 

Back at the house, Taylor finds Carter's necklace in the truck bed. 



Finding Carter
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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Okay, well, I'm going to Peter Cho's house to play laser tag. See you when I get back from college.


He has a very sweet side. He used to say this thing. You know when your necklace, the back of it is in front? He would adjust it for me like this, and he would say, "Make a wish."