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Max confronts Crash and Crash tries to appeal to him to understand that he's not that guy anymore. Even Carter wonders if that's where he got the money for Lori.

Carter tries to get through to Crash. When she can't she goes downstairs and sees Liz coming in from a drink with Kyle. The kids and Liz talk about how messed things are with the family and then Grant goes in to see Taylor about the possibility of taking pills at the request of his psychiatrist.

Carter goes to the garage and stumbles upon Crash and his uncle arguing over the drugs in the trunk. Uncle No Good thinks Crash owes him for getting him out and his friend takes Carter in to see them. Uncle No Good says Crash can't leave the life.

Carter wants Crash to stay at her house and Max knows Elizabeth won't allow it. That's why Max has to ask for them. David comes home while Liz is blowing up the air mattress and is upset over the situation. She says she'll explain over a glass of wine, or six. 

Max says hello to Taylor and it becomes an argument when she tells him about Ofe. She says she's having fun with him and Max is disappointed because he didn't think she was the kind of girl who would do that wit someone she didn't care about. What about Bird? Him and Bird aren't doing anything. She doesn't seem to understand.

Crash can't believe he's at the house and Elizabeth isn't throwing him out. She comes in at that time and says it's not date night, ruining the moment, the one he wanted to take to tell her how much he appreciated the assist.

Ofe and Taylor just got done having sex. I'm sad. Taylor passes out. Probably due to the pill she took before visiting Ofe.

Elizabeth and Carter talk about Crash and mom won't accept Crash because he's going to break Carter's heart. David, meanwhile, approves of a man who is willing to work hard for a second chance and who loves his daughter.

Ding Dong... Shay's here.

Crash doesn't care about anyone like he does Carter and nobody made him a better person as did Elizabeth. His uncle's real name is Walter Chase.

Taylor stole Ofe's stash. Shut up, he's not her boyfriend. Clearly not. She's breaking his heart.

David and Elizabeth have a nice moment, realizing what they once had. David wants to focus on that, but Elizabeth keeps seeing Lori and the girls. It's not over for her. She doesn't think it ever will be. She just wants some peace. Elizabeth wants a divorce.

Max learns about Taylor and wants him to be the friend if he's going to get the benefits.

Carter wakes up Crash is gone. She reads a letter and cries.

Ofe tells Taylor he's walking away because he cares too much. 

Somehow, Crash joins the military.

Finding Carter
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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Grant: You know on the seventh day God rested, right?
Taylor: God wasn't in high school.

This family needs a reality show.